Top 5 Benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers described by (Janmejai S et al.) as “A herb of the past with a bright future”  are flowers from a common family of daisy-like plants called Asteraceae. Mainly grown in parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Northern America, they are known for various health and beauty benefits. Chamomile also referred to as ‘Water of Youth’, have been used for various types of preparations, the most common being – Chamomile Tea!

Chamomile Tea is typically an amalgamation of dried Chamomile flowers and hot water. These dried flowers contain a wide range of therapeutic substances including Flavonoids (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and essential oils.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea:

1. Skin

Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, chamomile is very effective in maintaining healthy skin. The presence of essential oils in chamomile, make them capable to penetrate deep into the skin layers, preventing inflammation. The antioxidant properties make chamomile very effective in helping fight acne by reducing free radicals thereby preventing bacteria. They are also very popular in the world of cosmetics, for their properties that help preserve a youthful appearance and for diminishing scars.

2. Hair

Rinsing your hair regularly with chamomile tea could promote your hair growth. Due to its antiseptic properties, it keeps your hair follicles free of any dirt or infection which would otherwise hamper your hair growth. Chamomile tea is also known to fight dandruff and also soothe the irritated scalp. After a regular shampoo wash, rinse your hair with chamomile tea. You will see the difference after a few washes!

3. Menstrual Cramps

A cup of fresh, brewed chamomile tea will help you relieve that muscle spasm that drives you crazy during menstruation. Due to its anti-spasmodic properties, chamomile helps relieve the muscles that line the walls of the uterus thereby relaxing them.

 4. Eyes

All those chamomile tea bags once used, store it in your refrigerator and use it when you feel stressed and if you have puffy eyes. Place cold used tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes and then massage it over your eyelids and eye area gently. It dramatically reduces the puffiness and makes you feel fresh instantly.

5. Immunity

Traditionally, chamomile tea has been used especially in Roman medicine and Ayurveda to treat the common cold. Studies have shown that daily consumption of chamomile tea, helps boost the immune system by increasing the levels of glycine in your system. High levels of glycine are co-related to anti-bacterial properties.

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