Benefits of Watermelon for Your Diet

Watermelon is very rich in water content and has a very less calorie value that means a complete health benefit under a single roof. However, the goodness of watermelon is not just limited to these two things it is far beyond. That is why here we have discussed the benefits of watermelon for your diet.Most of us know watermelon as a delicious juicy fruit that provides relief in the harsh summer days but really doesn’t know that along with soothing our taste buds what it can do for our entire health and well-being.Its essential mineral and nutrient content is efficient to prevent extremely chronic diseases such as cancer, heart issue, eye-related health problems, diabetes, asthma, and most versatile benefit of its consumption is its goodness for improving our skin health. It delays the natural aging process and provides glowing and youthful skin.If you are unaware of the benefits and advantages of eating watermelon for your health and overall lifestyle then this is the right place for you as here we are going to describe all possible health benefits that you can get from this wonderful juicy warm weather fruit.

Boosts the Nerve Function

Out of many essential minerals, watermelon is also rich in potassium a vital nutrient which is important for the nerve functionality. It boosts your nerves and speeds up its functions which enable it to receive and provides fast messages and impulses.

Many people suffer from nighttime leg cramp and pain which particularly happens due to potassium deficiency. This necessity of your body can be easily fulfilled with a single cup of watermelon juice which has 170 mg of potassium value.

Apart from this watermelon intake will provide relief from some common nerve-related problems like numbness, soreness, tingling etc.

Improves the Heart Health

The red part of watermelon gets its color out of a substance called Lycopene which has an immense amount of health value. This lycopene is available in tomatoes as well but with a comparison to watermelon, its quantity remains very low. It helps to control the cholesterol level, high blood pressure and ultimately prevents any heart-related health concern.

Mostly heart-related health issue occurs due to stiffness in arteries that prevents a smooth blood flow resulting in a decrease in heart pumping rate, breathing shortness, and chest pain develop.

A regular intake of watermelon will fulfill the necessity of lycopene which stimulates your blood flow and keeps your heart in a healthy condition. In women after menopause stage, it is found that they have a higher risk of developing aortic stiffness. So it is must for every postmenopausal woman to have this Lycopene substitute to avoid such health problem.

Prevents the Cancer Risk

Watermelon has an anti-cancer element in it such as Lycopene etc. It prevents the cell division process which is a primary way of developing and growing cancer in any body part.

As per the researcher’s Lycopene, content in watermelon is primarily helpful for avoiding the growth of cancerous cells in the digestive tract. Insulin Growth Factor or IGF is the protein which is responsible for the cell divisions which can be reduced by having the watermelon intake.

Protects from Diabetes Issues

Diabetes is a chronic health concern which affects the overall lifestyle and diet pattern of the affected person which can cope up to a great extent with watermelon consumption.

Watermelon enables your kidneys to convert one amino acid i.e. L-citrulline into another form of amino acid i.e. L-arginine which plays an important role in preventing the growth of diabetes health issue.

The L-arginine is a very important amino acid which helps in regulating insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. That is why it is beneficial for everyone to take its supplementation food for avoiding diabetes health concern as watermelon alone cannot provide enough amount of L-arginine.

Provide Relief from Asthma

Asthma is one of the major respiratory health problems which sometimes persist for the lifetime of its patient. As per the doctor’s people who have a deficiency of Vitamin C in their body have a greater risk to get Asthma attack that means the increasing intake of Vitamin C rich food can reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Watermelon has about 40% of Vitamin C content which is very beneficial for the patient of Asthma as it can reduce its severity and frequency to a great extent. Also for better result along with consuming watermelon other Vitamin C, supplementary food can too improve the health condition of an Asthma patient.

Helpful in Weight Reduction

Those who are willing to reduce their weight can find healthy food especially dessert supplement in the form of watermelon which is alone capable to satisfy their mental and physical craving for a sugary dessert.

Watermelon can easily be represented in a sophisticated style just like a sugary cake and pastry. Apart from this its juicy delicious taste can better compete with other sweet deserts which are no way good for weight loss program.

Watermelon is a huge source of multiple nutrients. Its primary composition is made of water and to some extent, it contains fiber also. Both water and fiber are good for your weight reducing plan as one-way water will not add body fat to you and on the other hand, fiber gets digested in the longer time that means keep your stomach full for longer hours and suppresses your hunger naturally.

Protects from Dehydration

Body and skin dehydration problems during the intense heat time of the summer season are quite usual which make you dehydrated and then you have to face its associated traumas. However, you can provide your body with enough doses of water by consuming watermelon which has 92% of water content.

Direct and pure water alone cannot fulfill the requirement of water in your body as it easily gets released through perspiration and sweating. Watermelon and other fruits which have a rich amount of water value can avoid this dehydration issue by soothing your thirst and keeping your stomach full with its water and fiber content.

Whether you are sitting inside your home or out of your home place this handy fruit can quench your thirst and keep you hydrated wherever you go. Also, it will prevent the risk of heat stroke which is quite possible if your body remains dehydrated for a longer hour.

Source of Nutrients and Plant Compounds

Watermelon is a natural source of many healthy nutrients and plant compounds which is essential for the health of everyone and the big benefit of this juicy fruit are that it has very lesser calorie value. One cup of watermelon has only 46 calorie value which is very low in quantity, even from berries which are considered as a low sugar-rich fruit.

Less calorie value means no tension of weight gain but ample chance to get its healthy content which it generally carries. Out of primary nutrient content of a watermelon includes Vitamin A -18%, Vitamin C- 21%, Vitamin B1, B5, B6 – 3%, Potassium – 5%, Magnesium- 4%. All this data is based on Reference Daily Intake or RDI.

Other essential content of watermelon includes Lycopene, Carotenoids, Beta-carotene which are all an antioxidant substance that boosts your body’s immunity power and keeps it healthy and safe from chronic diseases.

Improves Your Digestion

Your digestive tract needs enough amount of fluid for its smooth functionality otherwise you have to suffer from constipation, acidity, fatigue, and headache which hamper your overall health and well-being to a great extent.

The water content of watermelon give a flow to digestive tract and fiber provides bulk for the stool that means healthy digestion which stimulates your overall health.

All the problems related to the digestive system can be avoided with watermelon intake as it contains both those two essential content which is vital for smooth and fluent digestion work i.e. water and fiber content.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the reasons of bad health that can easily trigger many health issues which can even be life threatening too such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

Inflammation throws its negative impact on health instantly and produces its symptoms that can be relived with a cool and water-rich dietary intake. Watermelon has all this quality and it is also well known for its anti-inflammatory property.

L-arginine and L-citrulline are two important type of amino acid that exists in watermelon which is an important anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes the inflammation effect and helps in faster healing process.

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Watermelon juice intake provides relief from muscle soreness by stimulating the blood flow and pain recovery time. Athletes and gym going people often have to suffer from muscle soreness and high heart rate problem due to their intense form of exercise and daily practice.

This can easily affect their next day performance when the muscle gets fatigued and sores due to last day performance. This issue can cope up with a healthy intake of watermelon juice which has an anti-inflammatory substance known as Citrulline.

Apart from watermelon other supplementary sources of Citrulline is also effective for treating muscle soreness however as per the dietary researchers one cannot get as much Citrulline from its supplement than a direct watermelon juice which has high Citrulline value.

PH Level Balancing

Our body automatically maintains a pH level which is essential to ensure good health. This balancing work is done out of foods and drinks that we consume every day as all diets contain either acidic or alkaline doses.

It is rated on the scale of 0 to 14 where lowers the number means more acidic the body that can cause minor to major health condition depending upon the acidic range. A minor acidic can cause sickness whereas major acidic can create severe illness which is a rare condition.

This balancing work can be done by watermelon intake as it is alkaline rich fruit that neutralizes the more acidic value and brings a perfect balance of pH which is a sign of good health.

Improves Dental Health

Teeth decay and infections is a sign of bad oral health which often comes in to picture as a result of periodontal diseases, a particular condition which can affect a population of 20 to 25 % of any place.

This condition can be avoided with regular dental hygiene and a doctor’s visit on a periodical interval. Also, Vitamin C existing in a diet can improve dental health and reduce teeth decay and infection issues. Watermelon is a good source of Vitamin C so it can relive this condition and improves dental health.

Improves Kidney Health

Your kidney cleans all the toxins in your body that you grab from different sources throughout a day. This flushing and cleaning work is essential for your healthy living and for good kidney’s health otherwise it will get overwhelmed by over toxins.

Watermelon is a rich source of potassium and calcium that helps in removing toxins from your body that means it can speed up the kidney’s work. So by having a bowl of watermelon, you can protect your kidney from toxins attack that you get from different food sources, external environment, from office and house place.

Enhances Skin and Hair Health

Your skin and hairs get dry and dull in the lack of proper miniaturization and this necessity of moisture intact cannot be fulfilled with an external cream or hair product. Vitamin A is the nutrient which is responsible for good skin and hair health that keeps them supple and well moisturized.

Watermelon is a good source of Vitamin A, so its consumption can fulfill the requirement of this skin and hair health friendly nutrient. With regular intake of this juicy and delicious fruit, you can bring natural shine and glow to hair and Skin.

Apart from Vitamin A another essential nutrient which is important for the good health of skin and hair is Vitamin C which helps in the production of elastin and collagen which stimulates the growth of new cells. You can provide Vitamin C to your skin and hair out of the consumption of watermelon.

We are hundred percent sure that after knowing the numerous benefits of watermelon for your diet you will surely be eager to include this healthful substitute in your regular food plan.

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7 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

1. Weight Loss

Since your body will make use of your body fat as its primary energy source, you will significantly lose weight. Once your insulin level drops, your body will become a fat burning machine.

2. Boosted Energy Levels

Naturally, fats are more satisfying, making you feel satiated for a longer period of time. So if you give your body enough amount of fat, you will be energized all day.

3. Controlled Glucose Level

Because of the food you eat, your body’s sugar levels will significantly be lowered. Studies have shown that the ketogenic diet is an excellent way of managing and even preventing diabetes as opposed to low-calorie diets.

4. Increased Mental Focus

Ketones are some of the best sources of fuel for your brain. By lowering your intake of carbs, your blood sugar level won’t rise, resulting in improved concentration and focus. In fact, an increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids has been found out to enhance cognitive processes in human beings.

5. Enhanced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

A low-carb diet can improve your blood pressure. This is because you tend to lose weight when you are on the ketogenic diet.

Also, it improves your cholesterol levels, thus preventing arterial buildup. The ketogenic diet boosts your HDL levels (good cholesterol) and decreases your LDL levels (bad cholesterol).

6. Controlled Seizures in Epilepsy

Studies have shown that the ketogenic diet helps control seizures in patients with epilepsy. In fact, this is one of the recognized therapies for those with uncontrolled epilepsy and those who don’t respond to medications.

7. Acne Treatment

Acne can be minimized or avoided with a reduced dairy intake and a tried-and-tested skin cleansing regimen. But the ketogenic diet can also help. A study has shown that switching to a low-carb diet helps with skin inflammation.

The Ketogenic Diet: What Beginners Need to Know

ketogenic diet

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The term “keto” comes from the word “ketones,” which is your body’s alternative fuel if there is a shortage of glucose in your system. This is produced when you eat few carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein. Thus, the ketogenic or keto diet is otherwise known as a low-carb diet.

By lowering your carb intake, your body will be inducted into “ketosis,” which is a natural process that your body undergoes so you can survive whenever your food intake is low. By limiting carbohydrates and overloading on fats, your body will begin to burn ketones as its primary source of energy. When you achieve the proper ketone level, you will enjoy plenty of health benefits.

What to Eat and Avoid During Ketogenic Diet

What you eat will greatly depend on how fast you want to reach the state of ketosis. The fewer carbohydrates you eat, the faster you will get into the ketogenic state.

Do Eat:

  • Meat, which includes red meat, white meat like turkey and chicken, and pork products like ham, bacon, and sausage
  • Fish that are high in fat, such as salmon and tuna
  • Dairy products, such as eggs, cheese, and butter (those that come from free-range animals are your best option)
  • Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach
  • Oils and dressings, such as ranch, Greek and aioli
  • Avocado and low glycemic berries like blackberries and raspberries
  • Low-carb sweeteners like stevia

If you find it too difficult to get enough fat as you make the shift from your usual diet to keto, the Brain Octane Oil can help you. This is a flavorless oil that will stimulate your body to yield ketones. You just have to add it to your cooked vegetables and salads.

Also, you can add one teaspoon of this to your one cup of freshly brewed coffee to make your Bulletproof Coffee, along with one tablespoon of grass-fed butter.

Don’t Eat:

  • Grains, which include corn, rice, cereal, and wheat
  • Sweet items like honey, maple syrup, and agave. This will also include ice cream, cookies, and cake, along with sugary drinks like juices, soda, and smoothies.
  • Fruits high in sugar, such as oranges, apples, and bananas
  • Starches like sweet potatoes, bread, potatoes, and pasta
  • Diet foods, as they are heavily processed and contain lots of sugar

Always bear in mind that the ketogenic diet is high in fat (70%) but moderate in protein (25%) and low in carbs (5%).

Read about the 7 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Important Things to Consider

As with most other diets, not everyone can significantly benefit from the ketogenic diet. Special consideration is required when you are breastfeeding and taking medications, especially those for high blood pressure and diabetes.

So as a precaution, it is highly recommended that before starting on the ketogenic diet, you must check with your doctor. This is the best way to avoid the potential issues of the ketogenic diet and ketoacidosis, which happens when your body produces excessive amounts of ketones.

One of the biggest concerns involved in starting the ketogenic diet is Keto flu or the temporary groggy feeling you will experience for the first couple of days. Expect to feel a bit of discomfort in the form of nausea, headache, and fatigue.

Common side effects will include cramps, constipation, reduced physical performance, and even heart palpitations. These issues are related to a lack of micronutrients or dehydration. So make sure to increase your water intake and consume foods with great sources of vitamins and other micronutrients.

Following the ketogenic diet will have a huge impact on your health. Switching from your usual diet to a low-carb diet can be a bit tough, but this can be made easier and more successful if you know what to expect, apart from what you must and must not eat. Most importantly, make sure to consult your physician before making this change.

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4 Secret Mental keys to taking better care of yourself

Whether you are struggling with chronic issues or daily, or simply trying to ensure you avoid any health issues in the future, taking better care of yourself should always be a high priority for us in our lives. But yet, so many of us can be distracted by other things and then choose to neglect or take advantage of good health and our bodies. However, I thought now was a good time to share with you some of the hidden secrets of taking better care of yourself that can be implemented into your daily life.

Your diet


Diet is a big issue when it comes to our health. What we put into our body is essentially the fuel we use to function and is what nourishes our organs and body in general. A diet rich in junk food and sugary items will never be sustainable. Causing you to put on weight and have fluctuation energy levels, not to mention the long term damage you could be doing. It isn’t about being strict with your diet, treats in moderation are not a bad thing. But try and ensure you keep your diet well-balanced and eating all the food groups you need. This will help to ensure that your body gets all the right nutrients and vitamins it needs to remain healthy.

Plenty of research on your health issues


If you already seem to be struggling with certain health issues then often plenty of research can provide alternative methods of managing them, or at least provide you with advice for things you can be doing on your own terms. Sometimes a change of lifestyle can help, for example. Things like diabetes, IBS and even harder to diagnose issues like Silent Reflux can all be helped with extensive research. Often this sort of information isn’t passed to you directly from your doctor or surgery, but certain pieces of advice could help you manage your symptoms. The same can be said for many different health issues, and thankfully the internet has an abundance of information for you to work through.

Considering alternative medicines

Ever thought about trying an alternative medicine before? Things like acupuncture, reflexology, meditation or even herbal remedies can all have positive effects on many different health issues. It could help with all sorts including things like allergies and mental health issues.

Putting a focus on your mindset

Finally, your mind can play a big part when it comes to your health. If you happen to be negative with your thought process, you may find that your health deteriorates far more quickly than it would if you had a more positive outlook on your situation. If you can, try and focus on your thoughts and work on having a more positive process. It’s hard to brake the initial habit of negative thinking, but it could be one of the best things you do when it comes to taking better care of yourself.
I hope these tips help you in the future.