4 Exercise Ways to Fight Allergies

Allergies are abnormal reactions by the immunity system to foreign substances in the body. They are a nuisance and manifest through various symptoms such as pain, itchiness, stuffiness, breathing difficulties, the fullness of ears, runny nose and many other symptoms. Fortunately, regular workouts can help to reduce allergy symptoms by enhancing blood flow in your body, which facilitates the eradication of allergens. Despite that you cannot entirely do away with your allergies, working out often can lessen your allergic symptoms since the enhanced circulation of blood due to physical activities prevent inflammation to the delicate tissues within your nasal cavity, mouth, lungs and other sensitive organs. The beauty of using exercises to fight allergies is that the activities do not have to be intense, but you need to ensure your blood is circulating. Too much intense activity may even aggravate the symptoms so do not push yourself so hard.

Here are some ways through which exercises can help fight allergies and enable you to feel well in a short time include:

1. Exercises Increase The Heart Rate

Working out for some time helps to raise your heart rate resulting in a better feeling and being energized. The extra energy resulting from the boosted heart rate is what a person experiencing allergic symptoms requires to feel relieved. To get the heart pumping and blood circulating efficiently, you need to do cardiovascular exercises. Some of the activities that are good include running, jogging, rope jumping, boat rowing, walking on the treadmill, volleyball, and others. Besides having an anti-allergy effect, these activities will help you to torch calories hence lose weight.

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2. Working Out Discharges Endorphins

Performing exercises releases endorphins the brain chemicals that eradicate pain and discomfort which help to deal with allergies. Doing exercises for a duration of say 20 minutes will trigger the release of the chemicals into the system making you experience better feelings as well divert your mind from the stuffy nose.

3. Exercising Opens Up The Lungs and Nose

You stand to gain from working out by having the very areas that allergies affect opened up. Among the familiar allergic symptoms is causing nose blockage and experiencing difficulty in breathing. A good workout session can cause the nose and the lungs to open up and alleviate some of the discomforts that the affected persons suffer. Also, workouts may complement any medication you are using thus yielding better results.

4. Exercising Enhances The Immune System

Exercising comes in handy in dealing with allergies by improving the immune system. Improved blood circulation due to exercising enables white blood cells to circulate faster thus enhance immunity. The body’s ability to fight diseases and other conditions is significantly increased.


Consistent exercising can help to keep allergic symptoms to the lowest possible level by increasing the heart rate, releasing endorphins, opening up the nose and lungs and by boosting immunity. You can work out for 20 minutes a day about thrice per week, and you will have got an excellent allergy management strategy.

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