13 Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair is the most adorable part of the body. Your facial beauty enhances automatically when you have thick, healthy and beautiful textured hairs in your head. In order to enhance the quality and health of hair women tend to invest lots of money every month, still, they don’t get satisfied with the result that they get out of it. You will be surprised to know that with some natural hair care tips you can get a desirable result for your hair health at a very low budget expense.

Instead of using market’s very expensive product its better that you prepare your own natural and organic hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and hair mask with some low budget ingredients that you can easily avail in your kitchen.

Environmental dust and pollution, lack of nutrient-dense foods intake and due to aging factors people lose their hair density and its natural color and texture before age only. The sad truth is that this becomes a common issue for every individual irrespective of their age.

With commercial products, you cannot fight alone with different hair issues like hair fall, hair discoloration or grey hair, dryness, dandruff etc. Though the commercial adds promises a lot but they hardly able to fulfill all those promises making your hard earned money wastage.

So to resolve this common concern of different varieties of hair health-related issues today we have come up with natural looking healthy hair care tips within your budget and without any fear of hair loss or its damaging in any other way which is associated with marketed products which are full of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients for the hair health if used for the long period.

Hair Cleanser

One of the common reason behind hair fall problem is the lack of appropriate cleanliness of hair and scalp which gives birth to dandruff and itchy scalp. So it is very important for getting healthy plus beautiful hair that you cleanse it appropriately and as necessary.

In order to cleanse your scalp and make it dandruff free, you can cleanse it with a natural homemade remedy with the help of apple cider vinegar. This nutritional vinegar will clean your scalp thoroughly also it will maintain the pH level balance of hair for promoting the hair growth.

In order to prepare this natural remedy, you need to take one-liter water and 75 ml apple cider vinegar. Mix the vinegar into the water to get its diluted solution for the safety of your scalp out of any reaction that can occur due to direct use of this acidic solution.

Wash your hair and at the end rinse your hair with this diluted solution. Apply this homemade cleanser whenever you wash your hair to get its effective result in the form of hair growth along with shining hair appearance.

Natural Hair Growth Remedy

For increasing the growth and density of your hair instead of using costly commercial hair products you can prepare a natural and effective hair mask which will not only be cost effective but at the same time work amazingly to provide you with the desired result.

In order to prepare a natural hair mask for promoting hair growth, you can take a very well-known natural product that is an egg which is an abundant source of protein that nourishes your scalp deeply and stimulates the growth of hair.

Apart from protein eggs are the natural source of iron, sulfur, selenium, zinc, iodine and phosphorous which all together boosts the growth of new hair. For preparing an egg mask for your hair you need to pour one egg white in a bowl and then mix one tbsp. of olive oil or lavender oil and one tbsp. honey.

Mix all the ingredients to get a smoother paste. Now apply it in your hair and scalp and left it for the next 20 minutes. Then clean your hair with a shampoo and cool water. Another remedy for the natural growth of hair is coconut milk which is a great source of potassium, iron and essential fats.

For preparing this natural hair growth remedy you need to extract the coconut milk from a fresh coconut. After that add half spoon of lemon juice and 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix all the ingredients well and then apply it in your scalp with your fingertip. Leave it for 5 to 6 minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

One another natural home remedy for naturally promoting the hair growth is prepared with the help of green tea bags. Green tea is highly rich with antioxidants properties which not only promotes the growth of hair but also help in preventing the loss of hair.

For using this home remedy you require a used green tea bag. Apply light warm green tea prepared out of a used tea bag all over scalp and then leave it for the next one hour so that its essence can get inside the hair root. After that rinse your hair with cool water.

Use Natural Hair Gleam Remedy

For enhancing the shine and gleam of your hair naturally you can prepare a natural remedy at home itself along with your daily used conditioner. In order to prepare this mixture, you need to mix 2 to 3 tablespoon of honey into your daily used conditioner in a bowl.

Mix it well and then apply it evenly on your wet hair. Leave it as it is for the next 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water thoroughly. This healthily prepared conditioner will close all your hair cuticles and add natural shine and beauty in your hair with its consistent application.

Natural Hair Wash

For washing your hairs you can prepare a natural hair wash product at your home itself with readily available ingredients in your kitchen. This natural hair care product will be safe and healthy enough as it will be free of toxic materials that usually exists in market products.

For thorough cleansing of your hair, you can prepare an effective hair wash with the help of baking soda that you can easily avail in any grocery shop. In order to prepare this mixture, you need to add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to an adequate amount of water (as per your hair thickness).

After washing your hair with your regular used shampoo you need to wash your wet hair with this prepared mixture as the final wash. Let it sit for the next 3 to 5 minutes in your hair and then rinse your hair with plain water.

Apply this solution at least once a week as it will remove all the chemicals (shampoo and other hair product residue) and environmental dust and pollution thoroughly from the scalp. It will enhance the beauty and quality of your hair even just 1-time use in a week.

Natural Conditioner

Conditioning of hair is a very important part of your hair care regime as it adds natural moisture and hydration to your hair after shampooing. So instead of spending your money on an expensive conditioner, it’s better that you prepare a natural cum healthy conditioner at your home only.

If your hair is very dry and rough then you should use an egg mixed natural conditioner. For this, you need to mix one egg with yogurt and then apply it in your scalp. Leave it at least for 10 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.

If your hair is excessively dry and lifeless then you should use egg whites for conditioning it as it will increase the moisture level of your hair to make it shining, smooth and healthy looking.

Another natural hair conditioner that you can apply in your scalp to reduce the dryness and split ends issue is organic sesame oil or olive oil. You need to rub your split ends with these organic oils and then cover it with a plastic or shower cap.

Leave it for one hour or you can leave it for the overnight and then shampoo your hair. Likewise, you can also use castor oil as a natural conditioner for your hair. Mix 2 tbsp. of castor oil with one egg white. Rub this mixture to your scalp and wet hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off.

Natural Hair Mask

For enhancing the beauty and health of your hair you can provide it equally care that you give to your skin. In this context using an effective natural hair mask can help a lot to improve the health of your existing hair.

In order to prepare your natural hair mask, you need very natural and cost-effective ingredients which include 1 tbsp. triphala powder, 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel and little amount of water in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients well to get your hair mask prepared.

Now apply this mask in your scalp and wet hair. Leave it as it is for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water. Apply this home remedy at least two times a week to get a drastic change in the appearance of your hair.

Another homemade hair mask you can prepare with 2 tbsp. of organic sandalwood powder or 2tbsp. of licorice powder and 3 tbsp. of lemon juice. Apply this paste in scalp and wet hair smoothly. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair.

This hair mask will provide you with cooling and soothing effect in the hot summer days and keep your hair and scalp hydrated and moist for preventing dryness issue.

Natural Hair Strength Booster

Along with beautiful hair, it is very important that your hairs are strong enough so that it won’t fall easily during combing or while styling. So to make your hair root stronger enough you can give a natural hair care treatment to your hair root so that it strengthens from inside.

For increasing the strength of your hair you can use almond oil which is a very fine natural product for your hair health. As per the density of your hair take some amount of almond oil in a bowl. Heat it at least for 40 seconds and then massage your scalp and hair tips with it.

Spread it all over your hair or and then leave it for at least 30 minutes. After that rinse your hair with a good shampoo and apply a condition. This natural remedy will reduce your hair dryness and prevent hair fall to a great extent.

Natural Hair Moisturizer

One of the common reason behind all types of hair issues is the lack of proper moisture in it which gives birth to several concerns in the long run. So it is very important that you moisturize your hair properly from time to time just like you moisturize your skin every day.

For preventing the issue of dry and brittle hair you can use coconut oil for treating this common hair concern. Take a little amount of warm coconut oil make sure it is organic only and then massage it in your scalp and through hair ends.

After massaging cover your hair with a shower cap and then leave it for the next 30 minutes. After that rinse your hair with your regular shampoo. This will lock the moisture content of coconut oil in your hair and scalp which is important for quality textured hair.

Healthy Hair Combing Technique

Most of the hair fall occurs due to bad hair combing techniques applied by women. So to avoid this concern make sure that you use only wide tooth comb instead of plastic and narrow tooth comb. This will detangle your hair easily with a very negligible amount of hair loss during combing.

Also, avoid combing your hair when it is wet as this is the high time when hairs fall as it remains weak in the wet state. Always detangle your end point of hair first and then comb smoothly from the roots.

Don’t Use Hair Dryer

Its now becomes a habit of people to use a hairdryer for drying hair within a minute as neither they have so much time or patience to let their hair dry naturally which is one of the crucial reason behind hair damaging.

So to protect your hair life and protecting its beauty make sure that you avoid the use of hair dryer and let it get dry naturally always. This natural drying process will not let it get dry as it happens with the use of artificial hair blow and keep its moisture content intact.

Avoid Frequent Hair Wash

Washing hair too frequently removes and damages the natural oil content of it leaving it extremely dry and lifeless. So to avoid this concern make sure that you avoid washing your hair very friendly or every day.

Make a habit of washing hair in an interval of 2 to 3 days at least for protecting its natural oil content in a best possible way.

Avoid Hot Water Application in Hair

For protecting your hair beauty and its natural features avoid using hot water for cleaning or washing your hair as it will make your hair dry and brittle by harnessing its natural oil and moisture content.

Even it is cold weather then also the usage of hot water for shower is not safe of your hair as well as for your skin too. However, you can use little warmer water which will be slightly high from your current body temperature to avoid the risk of hair damaging and protecting its natural essence.

Trim your Hair Frequently

Trimming is very important for ensuring the good health of your hair as it promotes the growth of healthy hair by removing unhealthy and damaged split ends which will neither grow faster nor it looks beautiful. For improving your hair health make sure that you trim your hair at an interval of every 1 or 2 months.

All the natural hair care tips mentioned above are suitable for different types of hair. So apply these and get a drastic change in your hair appearance and health naturally. However in order to ensure these amazing benefits you have to keep in mind one thing that any benefit and improvement only occurs when you remain consistent while following a regimen otherwise, you cannot expect any improvement and changes in your current hair health condition.

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11 Natural Effective Tips to Slow Down Aging Signs

Aging is a natural phenomenon of life and it is inevitable we all know but what we can really do to help ourselves from this darkest truth of life is by adding some effective tips to slow down aging, or in more precise term aging gracefully.

Though even in the 30s the aging signs mostly remains subtle still we all should take a proactive step in our 20s and 30s so that before 40s there will be no single traceable sign of aging on our skin including face, neck, arms, hands etc.

Start your skin care regimen at the 20s itself as this will prevent the risk of early appearance of different aging-related signs on the skin such as dryness, fine lines, blackheads, wrinkles, and blemishes.

There are several factors that affect the natural beauty of your skin by hampering the growth and secretion of collagen and elastin a vital protein which is responsible for good skin texture, firmness, glow, and beauty.

It is your wrong lifestyle habits such as smoking, avoiding the use of sunscreen, stress, lack of nutrient-rich diets, sedentary or inactive living style, usage of wrong beauty products, consumption of unhealthy diets etc. that affects the production of collagen and make our skin a victim of free radicals which are harmful to skin health causing rapid aging process.

All these factors affect the growth hormones in the body and elevate the insulin level and free radicals attack hence aging signs started to develop in the very early stages of life. However, with efficient and consistent care for your skin, you can delay this early aging headache and will age very gracefully.

Though you will get thousands of anti-aging products in the cosmetic industry which claims to prevent and remove your aging signs permanently but don’t be very foolish by their slogans and ideas.

As these promises are only half true as nothing can delay aging signs on skin permanently in any way. Though there is more advanced and intensive treatment procedure for keeping your look younger as 20s such as surgery, Botox and peeling methods but those are quite expensive and may cause a reverse effect too after some time.

So get rid of your problem naturally by our tips mentioned below which contains some natural plus efficient trick that will heal all your skin problems and will maintain its youthfulness in a very tricky and safe way.

11 Effective Tips to Slow Down Aging

1. Apply Sunscreen Every Day


You should apply sunscreen every day without failure as because Sun’ rays are as powerful that within a day it can damage your skin’s firmness causing fine lines and wrinkle appearance if you go unprotected way under the direct sun contact.

However, applying sunscreen on the skin on regular basis is one of the great relieving factors for protecting the skin against damage caused by UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

So as a fixed ritual of your skin care routine apply sunscreen on all exposed area of your body including face, neck, shoulder, and arm with a good sunscreen irrespective of all the seasons and days in a year.

People have a misconception that sunscreen is only necessary for the summer season when the intensity of sun rays remains at its peak which is absolutely wrong.

Even in winter and rainy seasons, the sun can cause damage to your skin as its effect doesn’t reduce with the season even though we couldn’t feel its heat directly in other times of the year.

Without applying sunscreen on your exposed body parts you should not go out of shade at any cost. Even at home and inside any other interior place as well you should keep your skin protected by applying sunscreen.

While selecting sunscreen for you, take a note whether that particular product has at least SPF 30 mentioned on its label or not. Moreover, if the term broad spectrum is mentioned over there then it will be best suitable for you as it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Apply sunscreen in a liberal way otherwise a very light coating application will easily get penetrated by the sun rays and can damage the firmness of your skin. Also, reapply it at the interval of every 2 to 3 hours in a day depending upon your sun exposure and some other factors for ensuring complete safety.

2. Wear Sun Protective Clothing and Apparels

Sun Protective Clothing and Apparels

Apart from using sunscreen on your face, you can ensure complete protection from suntan by wearing sun protective clothing and apparels. Make sure that whenever you go out wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the damages of harsh UV rays.

These eye protective glasses will prevent wrinkles and damaging of delicate surrounding skin by guarding it otherwise due to frequent blink it develops more deep lines.

Wear a big hat on your head so that most of your face and neck area remains covered. Full sleeves and light color clothing are another important wearings that you should wear to protect your hands from sun damage.

People who have to spend most of the day outdoors for their work purposes should remain more alert as their body is more at risk to get attacked by sun damaging due to overexposure. However, they can protect them from sun exposure by wearing sun protective clothing.

These clothes are made with a special feature of SPF 30 protection which ensures safety against UVA and UVB rays throughout the day. In this way, you can perform your work without a headache of your skin damages and early aging signs appearance.

3. Avoid Too Much Alcohol Consumption


Alcohol consumption in a very limited quantity is known for developing good health benefits. So it’s fine if you have one glass of wine or beer after your dinner but its over-consumption is really a big enemy for your skin beauty and health.

People who over consume alcohol every day are found to develop aging signs on the skin at very early stages of their life. This happens because heavy alcohol intake dehydrates your skin very easily making it rough and dry.

Apart from this alcohol can damage the blood vessels of your skin which can lead to developing one skin disorder known as rosacea, causing tiny pimples and redness on the skin.

So in order to delay your aging sign and to age gracefully make sure that you consume alcohol in a very limited intake if you are too fond of it.

For men 2 glass of drinks and for women one glass in a day is considered as the adequate quantity and beyond this limit is not only harmful to the skin health but it can affect overall health negatively.

4. Don’t Smoke At All


Out of those primary skin health enemies, smoking is one which simply reflects how bad it is for your skin beauty and health. People who smoke develop the aging signs at the early stages of their life and these sings get stiff with time by making you look older before you actually reach that age.

This happens because smoking damages to collagen level existing on your skin and with time prevent its further growth which is the primary skin health protein.

Also, it affects the blood vessels surrounding your skin which carry oxygen and other vital nutrients to it. As a result of it, skin loses its elasticity and sags very rapidly.

Not only it damages your skin quality but it throws its negative impact on your nails and fingertips as well by turning it yellow with time.

So for the sake of your beauty and protecting the natural beauty and firmness of your skin, you must quit smoking with the strong urge.

This will not only improves your skin elasticity and beauty but will also ensure the overall improvement of your health as smoking damages to each and every parts of your body in some and other ways by making it a victim of any big health trauma if not left on time.

5. Take Antioxidant Rich Diets and Skin Products


One of the prominent enemy for your skin is free radicals which can damage your skin elasticity causing more wrinkles and other aging signs at a very early stage of life.

The free radical exists in our surrounding environment which we cannot resist exposing. All toxins and chemicals from the environment cause free radical damaging of healthy skin cells. Another source of free radicals in our own metabolism function which gets weaker with age and gets attacked by these harmful free radicals.

It is your weaker immunity power, lack of proper nutrition in foods that are responsible for the growth of these harmful elements for skin health. So in order to prevent its growth and to protect your skin cells from its damaging, you should eat highly nutrients rich food products in your day to day life.

In this context foods which are loaded with antioxidant proteins can help you in your fight against aging signs. Vitamin A, C, E and beta carotene are well-known antioxidants which help to improve the skin elasticity and prevents the free radicals damaging of your skin.

Out of these vitamins, Vitamin C helps in the growth of collagen protein which production automatically decreases with each year of your aging. More collagen means more skin elasticity and lesser chances of wrinkles, blemishes, sagging and other aging-related signs growth.

Along with rich antioxidant diets, you should choose only those skin care products which are rich in antioxidant properties such as moisturizer, face serum, cleanser etc. Start this skin care regimen at your early 20s only as early starting of all these skin protective measures will delay your aging signs and let you grow very gracefully.

6. Weight Lifting Exercises

weight lifting

Along with good diet and skin care products, you should also look after of your daily physical activity as it is an inactive body and sedentary lifestyle which tends to speed up all your aging sign at very early stages of life. So for avoiding aging signs due to inactive lifestyle try to follow a fixed fitness exercise as a daily routine of your day.

Out of different forms of exercise weight, lifting workouts are considered as the most effective one for toning and firming your skin cells. Moreover, it will help you to get lean muscle mass by burning excess calories and fat in your body which is very important for a curvy figure.

Apart from this it will reduce oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance and boost your stamina for keeping you younger not only externally but from inside as well. Weight lifting exercises have several health benefits apart from boosting your skin health.

A consistent exercise routine will keep check your body’s glucose level, control high cholesterol, blood pressure and improves your bone density which started to deteriorate with age.

7. Drink Enough Water


Keep your body hydrated properly throughout the year by drinking enough amount of water each day. Otherwise in the lack of proper hydration skin started to lose its elasticity, gets dryer and other premature aging signs started to develop at a very early stage of your life.

Water is a natural source of healthy nutrients that stimulate the overall function of your body. It boosts the metabolic function of your body which is vital for proper oxidation and blood flow in your skin cells. Apart from enhancing your skin health, healthy regular water intake will keep all the functions of your body in a proper state like it improves your digestive power, helps in detoxifications and boosts your bone, heart and kidney health.

Start your day with 2 to 3 glasses of plain water. If you don’t like the plain taste of water then you can mix some other products like honey, lemon etc. This will enhance its taste as well as boots its health benefits for you. In a whole day drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water in order to keep your skin firm, tight, hydrated and glowing. Follow this healthy routine every day without fail.

8. Avoid Sugar


Apart from spiking your blood sugar level your high sugar intake impact a lot to your skin health as well. It can hamper youthfulness of your skin by reducing elasticity, and cause you to develop premature aging signs.

The glucose and fructose content of sugar damages the existing collagen and elastin protein existing in your skin and make your skin look dry and patchy.

As a result of this damaging skin looks older before age by losing its radiant and toned appearance. So for the sake your skin beauty and for avoiding all these aging signs growth make sure that you avoid excess sugar consumption.

Instead of sugar, you should use a healthy natural source of sugar such as honey etc. in the place of direct sugar application or use.

9. Have Enough Protein

protein diets

As you age the natural production of collagen and elastin which are two essential proteins for your skin health started to deplete resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots etc. started to develop rapidly.

However, you can prevent this depletion rate of these two essential proteins by increasing your protein intake in the regular meal. Foods which are rich in protein contain amino acid which helps to repair all damaging in your skin cells caused in the lack of collagen and elastin.

Apart from this a regular healthy intake of protein diets will control your sugar level, cholesterol level and reduces your stress which is one of those factors which hamper your skin health with age.

Moreover, with protein intake, you can control your body weight as it keeps your stomach full for the longer duration and prevents frequent cravings. Some healthy protein sources include yogurt, oats, almonds, egg, fish, meat, tofu etc.

10. Take Less Stress


One another aspect that proves as a hurdle in your way of aging gracefully is your excessive stress taking nature. People who take excess stress and tension in their life ages earlier which reflects in the form of a premature aging sign in the skin.

Chronic stress releases harmful stress hormones in your body which is harmful to your mental, emotional and physical health as well. It can lead to developing many critical diseases if not controlled on time along with hampering your skin beauty and adding more wrinkles to it before your age.

So in order to slow down your aging process make sure that you learn different techniques for fighting and managing with your day to day stress in your life.

In this regard, you can take the help of different natural stress bursting methods such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc. Apart from this reserve at least a few minutes of the day for yourself and spend it in the surrounding of nature where you can feel real peace of nature and understand the value of life.

With all these healthy stress bursting tips you will surely win over your stress level and get back the natural glow and beauty of your skin by delaying the aging signs.

11. Sleep Enough


Last but not least make sure that your body is getting enough rest by sleeping enough during the night time. Night time sleep is not only necessary for maintaining the youthful glow of your skin but it is vital for your overall health.

Make sure that you sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night as because even a single hour less sleep increases your chances of developing wrinkles under your eyes and overall face.

Moreover, it increases oxidative stress, reduces the production of growth hormones and decreases the self-healing and repairing power of your skin which is done during the resting hours of the night.

All the effective tips to slow down aging mentioned in this article are safe and beneficial for everyone. It will help you to stay youthful for a very long time and age you very gracefully.

14 Natural Ways to Keep Teeth Strong

1. Brush at least Twice

The basic care that we can offer to our teeth is brushing twice daily. You should brush in the night as it is really important because the food that remains stuck after dinner gives a lot of time to the mouth bacteria to convert it into acid and decay the tooth until morning. Also, experts suggest brushing after breakfast instead of before breakfast in the morning as there is negligible food in the mouth before breakfast (if you brushed last night). Now the important thing is that just rubbing your teeth doesn’t mean brushing. Put the brush at the junction of your gums and teeth and make gentle to and fro strokes and then bring the strokes down. This helps clean the gum line and keep teeth and gums healthy. Clean the chewing surfaces in a circular motion.

2. Use a Mouthwash

There are plenty of mouthwashes available over the counter. You may choose from a variety of flavors available. Please remember, it is as important as brushing, but cannot replace brushing. It helps you clean the areas that cannot be reached by the brush. Mouthwashes significantly decrease the amount of plaque deposition over a due course of time. If you feel that it burns a lot, then you may opt for an alcohol-free mouthwash.

3. Flossing

Flossing plays an important role in maintaining oral hygiene. Flossing helps dislodge any food particles stuck in between teeth, but please remember not to overdo it as it has the potential to create spaces between teeth if you overdo it.

4. Avoid Sticky Foods

As our lifestyle is moving towards more refined food and sugars, the tooth decay prevalence has increased many folds. Sugar candies, chips, wafers, noodles, cheesy pizza, all these sticks to the tooth surface for a longer span of time as compared to fibrous food. We understand that it is impossible to avoid all refined food, but we must brush or at least rinse after consuming these caries prone foods.

5. Avoid Acidic Drinks

Do you recall that strange feeling that you get on rubbing your teeth after drinking aerated drinks? That is the demineralization of your tooth, which happens every time you take that drink. It does return to normal after some time, but it can weaken the tooth structure if consumed on a regular basis.

6. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes yellow stains on the teeth and decreases saliva production leading to caries. It even leads to bad breath and other major health issues. It can progressively lead to pyorrhea or gum diseases that may lead to loosening of teeth.

7. Massage Your Gums

Gums produce a fluid known as the GCF to keep itself healthy. By massaging your gums in a circular motion, right after brushing, you can assure good gum health and decrease the incidence of bleeding gums.

8. Don’t Ignore Symptoms

If you feel that there is repetitive food lodgment in some areas between teeth, please visit a dentist. Don’t wait for the pain to set an alarm for you. If your gums bleed regularly, it’s time for you to visit a dentist.

9. Eat a Balanced Diet

Fibrous foods are a boon to your teeth as they help in cleaning them and the chewing activity strengthens your gums. Vitamin-C, on the other hand, maintains good gum health and prevents gum bleeding. Vitamin-A and D along with Calcium are also an integral part of maintaining the health of the oral cavity.

10. Plenty of Water

Drinking water regularly ensures neutralization of acid secreted by bacteria in our mouth, thus preventing caries. It also flushes out any food remnants present between the teeth.

11. Avoid Clenching Your Teeth

Clenching causes attrition of teeth, leading to sensitivity to cold fluids. For people who have a habit of clenching, we offer night guards that prevent teeth from abrading or fracturing due to excessive biting forces.

12. Chew Sugar-Free Gums

It helps exercise your jaw muscles and increases the salivary flow thus decreasing caries incidence. It also leads to decreased plaque formation.

13. Quit Bad Chewing Habits

Chewing on to non-food items such as fingers, nails, pens, etc. damage your teeth. It can even lead to an undue fracture of the tooth.

14. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

You must get a regular checkup and clean done every six months by a dental professional.

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10 Top Yoga Poses That Can Do Wonders

yoga poses-for-skin-care

Everyone longs for a beautiful, supple, and glowing skin. However, pollution, dirt, harmful sun rays, and various external and internal factors make it hard for an individual to embrace the perfect flawless skin. The urge to look beautiful makes us resort to extravagant beauty products and treatments for skin rejuvenation that lasts only a moment. For lasting results, trust the traditional beauty secrets passed down to us by our ancestors, the age-old system of yoga. Restore that youthful glow in your skin with Yoga poses.

The art of yoga is well-known to be potent for everything from making the body supple to strengthening the core. But to your surprise, it is equally effective for treating skin problems and making it healthy. Yoga provides all sorts of tools: postures, breathing techniques, and meditation that strengthen, cure and beautify your inner health whose results are reflected outwards. A routine practice of below yoga poses detoxifies the skin, feeds the cells with nutrients, enhances blood circulation, and embellishes you with stunning beauty.

Take a glance at the best 10 yoga poses for healthy and glowing skin:

1. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Begin in a mountain pose. Exhale and widen your feet 2-3 inches apart. Broaden your shoulder blades, outstretch your arms parallel to the sides, palms down. Turn your left foot towards the right and project the right foot out at a 90-degree angle.


(Image Source: satyaliveyoga.com.au)

As you breathe out, twist your torso to your right side over the right leg. Fold forward at the hips keeping the tailbone long. Place the right palm on the floor beside the right foot. Extend the left arm up towards the ceiling. Gaze at the left thumb.

2. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Stand straight on a yoga mat with feet close to each other and arms at your side. Release your shoulders blades away from the ears. Make sure your body weight is evenly distributed across the arches of the feet.


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Inhale, stretch your arms straight up and fold them in prayer mudra. Look ahead and take several deep breaths.

3. Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Comfortably lie on your back on the floor. Keep your legs extended and feet together. As you breathe in, lift your pelvis bone off the floor and gently bring your hands under it. Now, place your hips on the back of the hands and tuck your forearms and elbows to your torso.


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Inhale, pressing the forearms into the floor raise your head and upper torso and create an arch with your back and chest. Gently release the head back on the ground. Place a minimal weight on your head.

4. Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

Lie in a supine position. Bring your knees towards your chest, resting the hands on the floor with elbows hugged close to your sides. Press your palms down to the floor to lift your hips above a yoga mat with knees still bent. Move your hands to your lower back near your hips. Lengthen your torso and rest your body weight on your shoulders.


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Align your knees over your hips and gently straighten your legs upward. Create a straight line from your heels to your shoulders.

5. Plow Pose (Halasana)

From shoulder stand pose, bend your hips and lower your toes towards the ground beyond the head. Try to keep your torso perpendicular to the floor. Stretch your legs fully.


(Image Source: Carter Twitty)

Draw your chin away from the sternum and keep your hands pressed against the back torso. To release the pose, come back into Sarvangasana and come out of the pose with an exhalation.

6. Downward-Facing Dog Pose (Adho-Mukha Svanasana)

Begin in a tabletop position with wrists under your shoulders and knees beneath the posterior. Exhale, tuck your toes inward, lift your knees up and elevate your hips.


(Image Source: YouQueen)

Stretch behind one leg at a time and come into an upside down position. Do not hang your head and look at your navel.

7. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Stand with a straight back and hands on either side of your body. As you breathe in, stretch your arms overhead and with an exhalation, bend forward at the hips keeping your legs straight.


(Image Source: uratex.com)

Try to hold the ankles with your hands or rest the palms on the ground. Let your head hang freely and close your eyes.

8. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Lie on your stomach with feet and arms on the floor. Keep your legs a few inches apart from each other. Take a deep breath to lift your chest, torso, and head off the floor.


(Image Source: kristinmcgee.com)

Rest your navel on the ground. Slightly tilt your head backward and look up at the sky.

9. Wind-Relieving Pose (Pawanmuktasana)

Rest on the floor with bent knees. Draw your knees towards your chest and clasp them your hands. Keep the thighs pressed against the abdomen. Now, release your left leg back to the floor keeping the right one in place. Repeat the same with your right leg.


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Finally, bring both the knees to the chest firmly grasped in hands and release both the legs back to the floor.

10. Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Kneel on a yoga mat with knees hip-width apart. Keep your thighs and hips vertical to the floor. Reach behind with your hands and hold your heels. Tilt your head back and lift your chest forward.


(Image Source: What Therapy)

Embrace yoga and make it a part of your daily life and grant yourself the eternal fountain of healthy and beautiful skin.

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Top 5 Benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers described by (Janmejai S et al.) as “A herb of the past with a bright future”  are flowers from a common family of daisy-like plants called Asteraceae. Mainly grown in parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Northern America, they are known for various health and beauty benefits. Chamomile also referred to as ‘Water of Youth’, have been used for various types of preparations, the most common being – Chamomile Tea!

Chamomile Tea is typically an amalgamation of dried Chamomile flowers and hot water. These dried flowers contain a wide range of therapeutic substances including Flavonoids (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and essential oils.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea:

1. Skin

Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, chamomile is very effective in maintaining healthy skin. The presence of essential oils in chamomile, make them capable to penetrate deep into the skin layers, preventing inflammation. The antioxidant properties make chamomile very effective in helping fight acne by reducing free radicals thereby preventing bacteria. They are also very popular in the world of cosmetics, for their properties that help preserve a youthful appearance and for diminishing scars.

2. Hair

Rinsing your hair regularly with chamomile tea could promote your hair growth. Due to its antiseptic properties, it keeps your hair follicles free of any dirt or infection which would otherwise hamper your hair growth. Chamomile tea is also known to fight dandruff and also soothe the irritated scalp. After a regular shampoo wash, rinse your hair with chamomile tea. You will see the difference after a few washes!

3. Menstrual Cramps

A cup of fresh, brewed chamomile tea will help you relieve that muscle spasm that drives you crazy during menstruation. Due to its anti-spasmodic properties, chamomile helps relieve the muscles that line the walls of the uterus thereby relaxing them.

 4. Eyes

All those chamomile tea bags once used, store it in your refrigerator and use it when you feel stressed and if you have puffy eyes. Place cold used tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes and then massage it over your eyelids and eye area gently. It dramatically reduces the puffiness and makes you feel fresh instantly.

5. Immunity

Traditionally, chamomile tea has been used especially in Roman medicine and Ayurveda to treat the common cold. Studies have shown that daily consumption of chamomile tea, helps boost the immune system by increasing the levels of glycine in your system. High levels of glycine are co-related to anti-bacterial properties.

Mighty Leaf – Chamomile Citrus Tea Review

Mighty Leaf – Chamomile Citrus Tea is one of my personal favorites. These pretty little tea bags are made of Egyptian Chamomile flowers along with slices of citrus fruits and have a wonderful aroma. The combination of chamomile and citrus blends just perfectly!


Amazon: Mighty Leaf Tea – Chamomile Citrus

6 Effective Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women dread pregnancy stretch marks. If you are pregnant, then there are so many ways to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. From creams to natural ways, you can choose any option that suits you well.

stretch marks during pregnancy

Listed are some easy ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

1. Hydration is Important

Your skin needs to be hydrated for good elasticity. When the blood volume increases, it normally affects the skin. It’s important to drink at least ten glasses of water during pregnancy if you want to prevent stretch marks. Proper hydration also helps to get rid of the problem of dryness to a good extent. You can also have natural juices for hydration.

2. Have a Skin Nourishing Diet

Your diet does affect your skin. You must have a proper diet to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. Have foods that are rich in antioxidants like spinach and blueberries. Have foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin A in your daily diet plan. Omega 3 rich foods such as walnuts and flaxseed also help to prevent the condition of stretch marks during pregnancy.

3. Oil Massage

Do you know oil massage can help to reduce the free radical damage? Oil massage or oil treatment is very effective to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks. You can use coconut oil, vitamin E oil or bio-oil for massage. Just massage your stomach and breast area for five minutes on a daily basis to prevent the marks. There is no side effect of using natural oils on your skin.

4. Exercise or Yoga

Any form of exercise helps to retain the elasticity of skin and improves blood circulation. Practice comfortable stretches and simple exercises. You can also opt for basic yoga poses or prenatal yoga poses for daily exercise. But, it’s important to feel comfortable while practicing exercises. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can stop doing the same.

5. Dry Brushing Can Help You

Dry brushing not only improves the blood circulation but also keeps your skin healthy. You can use dry brushing as a preventative remedy for stretch marks. Use a dry brush that is made from natural fiber. Focus on the areas like the stomach and abdomen. Don’t use it around your breast area as its sensitive. You can do dry brushing on a daily basis to exfoliate your skin in the most effective way.

6. Use Topical Skin Creams

Creams and serums work like magic for the problem of stretch marks. There are creams that are available with natural ingredients for your skin. Stretch mark removal creams with vitamin E and vitamin C can do wonders for your skin. You can apply these creams daily, as there is no side effect on your skin. dermatology stretch mark solution is not only good to prevent stretch marks; it also makes your skin soft. Choose a cream that best suits your skin.

You can easily prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with the above ways.

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10 Top Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is rich in vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants. It is nature’s most refreshing drinks consumed across the globe. It is known to have a number of health benefits. Selecting a proper coconut is important to get the coconut water benefits.

Medium-sized, the green-colored coconut will have more water and may or may not contain coconut meat, the white, fleshy, tender substance. Keep the coconut in a cool place. It is advisable to open coconut just before consuming as it begins to ferment when left open to air.

Here we list the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy

1. Controls Uric Acid Level

It is a natural diuretic as it contains potassium, magnesium and other minerals. It helps in flushing away the toxic substances present in the body including uric acid. It also seems to be effective in removing kidney stones. The antidiuretic effects of coconut water help in preventing urinary tract infections.

2. Provide Essential Minerals

Coconut water is rich in sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. The water loss from the body in the form of morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) and diarrhea can be restored with coconut water. It helps in controlling blood pressure and body pH.

3. Supports Digestive Health

Coconut water helps in digestion, regulation of pH and has an excellent laxative effect. It helps in normalizing body pH and preventing heartburn. Coconut water prevents indigestion and acid reflux, this is an effective option in heartburn. It is also composed of an ingredient monolaurin.

It is a monoglyceride which helps in removing intestinal worms. In pregnant women, constipation is a common problem because of slow bowel moments. Coconut water eases digestion because of its high fiber content.

4. Urinary Tract Infections

Coconut water urges to urinate frequently clearing the urinary tract and hence improving kidney function and infections. Because of urinary infections, a pregnant woman may face preterm, labor, the diuretic effect of coconut water present prevents urinary tract infections. In addition to diuretic effects, it also possesses antibacterial property for UTI.

5. Blood Pressure

Coconut water seems to be an effective agent in controlling BP because of the presence of electrolytes and improve blood circulation which is good for both mother and baby. Women are often scared of the labor which increases blood pressure. Drinking coconut water can be beneficial in such patients. It also seems to be useful in controlling good and bad cholesterol.

6. Healthy Weight

Pregnant women often tend to eat more expecting it to be healthy for both mother and the baby. During this process, they end up eating more and becoming overweight. Coconut water is fat-free and low in calories, rich in nutrients which help in healthy growth of an infant. It can be consumed instead of sugary drinks as a nutritional supplement. It does not contain cholesterol and boosts metabolism.

7. Free of Artificial Flavors

It is a natural product which does not contain any harmful chemical and not even preservatives which you find in ready-made drinks and most importantly it is available in all seasons. The artificial ingredients are not good for the healthy development of the fetus.

8. Energizer

It is a great energizer which not only provides essential minerals and nutrients but also helps in removing fatigue and exhaustion. People who do yoga and exercise can take coconut water as revitalizing drink.

It helps in strengthening of pelvic muscles. The hydration of skin also adds a glow to the skin adding onto your pregnancy glow. It also helps in improving skin elasticity and healthy stretch marks. Coconut water is isotonic with human blood pH.

It can be used in emergency situations for immediate rehydration. It is interesting to know that it is given intravenously in poor countries as a dehydration solution.

9. Low in Sugar Content

Coconut water benefits mother who are gestational diabetic. (Diabetes during pregnancy) as it is free of sugars and also tasty to drink. Intake of sugary drinks or fresh juices increases blood sugar and also adds to pregnancy weight. A diet low in calories and sugar is good for healthy mother and fetus.

10. Amniotic Fluid and Growth of Fetus

As it is rich in minerals and nutrients it improves the quality of the amniotic fluid. It provides adequate nutrition to the fetus and helps in growth and development. It increases blood volume, maintenance of amniotic fluid volume and fetal circulation.

Coconut water benefits on the amniotic fluid are more during the third trimester. It provides proper nourishment to the growing fetus with the essential elements

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5 Beauty-Sleep Tricks To Wake Up Looking Gorgeous

Even if you are a morning person, avoiding the tired look in the morning is hard. Under-eye circles and swollen skin make us hate mornings sometimes. It gets more than obvious if we don’t get enough sleep. However, preparing your body and skin for before bed can actually help you look fresher. Here are some tricks that will make your morning routine less painful.

Make a peaceful atmosphere

During the day we are under a lot of stress, pressure, and noise. That’s why it’s important to make your bedroom your personal peaceful oasis so you can take the most out of your sleeping time. Using scented candles will soothe your senses and make a cozy feeling. The scent also has a relaxing influence and will help you fall asleep. Some people like to have music playing in the background, so if you are one of them, choose the sounds of nature and calming notes to follow you into the sleep.

Take care of your skin

During the night, the skin cell renewal rate is higher and the skin is more receptive to active ingredients. First of all, make sure to clean your skin from make-up thoroughly. You can use an oil-based cleanser for the make-up removal, and afterward try using mild, water-based cleanser to remove oil excess. After proper cleaning, toning your skin is the next step. Choose your moisturizer depending on your skin type and don’t exaggerate with the amount. A thin layer will be just enough for your skin to absorb, yet light enough to let it breathe. Some natural cosmetic manufacturers even suggest avoiding night cream, in order to let your skin regenerate naturally.

Nourish hair

Sometimes, especially if you wash your hair right before bed, you can wake up with something that looks more like a birds nest than hair. You don‘t always have time and energy in the evening for hair blowing and styling. A simple trick can come in a handful. Put some overnight conditioner on your hair and braid it. That way your hair will be soft in the morning, and subtle waves will make you look fresh. Don’t brush it or you will ruin the waves; just add some hairspray and you’re all set!

Relaxing bath

The best way to relax after a long day, and prepare for the night sleep is a scented bubble bath. It is calming your body and your senses at the same time. Your muscles can get sour from everyday chores, especially if you have some physical activity or exercise going on. Have you ever tried throwing some magnesium in your bath? It can do wonders for your sour muscles! Being the second most abundant element in our body, magnesium is used in regulating over 300 enzymes and reactions. It is easily absorbed through the skin and can help with numerous problems like the rash, dry skin, acne, sour muscles, and cramps. Add some magnesium oil or flake to your bath and feel the difference.

Dental care

During the day, our teeth suffer a lot. The food, the coffee, chewing gums, and cigarettes are leaving their marks. Introducing a proper routine made of brushing and flossing is essential. Mouthwash is optional but it won’t do you any harm. Don’t be cheap when it comes to oral care products. They are personal and very specific and should be selected carefully. They last for a long time and you can afford to choose quality over price. Products like Caredent personalized floss can really add to your dental care and hygiene. Of course, brushing your teeth before bed is just a half of work. Brushing teeth first thing in the morning is also very important since over the night all the toxins from our blood collect in our mouth.
Introducing some of these steps in your bedtime routine will make a huge difference in the morning and in general. However, don’t try to do them all at the same time. That way you will burden yourself with obligatory beauty steps, and eventually, you will drop them. It’s important to find a balance in your beauty routine so it can last for a long time, without the pressure of doing it.