5 Science-Backed Reasons to Exercise Outdoors

Staying physically fit doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the gym. In a previous The Healthy Suggestions post, we pointed out that even doing a variety of household chores can help improve your fitness. However, another fantastic alternative is to head outdoors and exercise al fresco. In fact, plenty of scientific evidence points to how nature can be really good for your health and fitness journey.

1. It Provides Stronger Workouts

Studies have found that people exert more effort when exercising outdoors compared to working out in a gym. This is because we encounter a constantly changing and less structured environment when we are outside. In response, the body exerts more energy to adapt to the surroundings, like inclines, bumps, and obstacles — none of which happens on a treadmill. So if your goal is to reduce weight or be more physically fit, outdoor exercises will do more for you than just breaking a sweat.

2. It Improves Happiness

The sight of greenery can have a significant impact on your mood. According to research detailed on Tree Hugger, the simple act of noticing nature has an effect on personal well-being. The study found that a subject group was much happier when tasked to experience nature first hand than those who were asked to ‘human-built objects’. If acknowledging nature can already change your mood, what other benefits could it provide when you exercise while surrounding yourself with the outside world?

3. It Strengthens Your Immune System

There is a decades-old Japanese practice called Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing.” This involves going for a walk in the forest and immersing yourself in its surroundings. While the activity is often done for the benefit of de-stressing, researchers have also found that regular forest bathing can actually improve your immune system.

Trees shower themselves in an antifungal, antibacterial compound called phytoncides. When inhaled by humans, these compounds can produce a specialized white blood cell that can deal with tumorous growths in the body. Hence, exercising outdoors can not only help you shed weight and build muscle; it will also boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick.

4. It Reduces Blood Pressure

Stress and blood pressure are directly linked since stress hormones cause the heart to beat faster and the blood vessels to narrow. The situation is worsened when you experience chronic stress. The outdoors can, therefore, provide therapy for those seeking to lower their stress levels while reaping the other benefits that exercise in general provides.

5. It Encourages Social Interactions

When empirical studies revealed that people tend to enjoy outdoor workouts more, psychologists suggested that the reason could be linked to the fact that the participants often exercised with others.

Social health forms part of a person’s wellbeing, and regardless of whether you are introverted or extroverted, social interactions can help reduce stress and increase happiness.

There are plenty of group workouts to enjoy outdoors, including yoga sessions at the park, hiking with friends, and cycling the countryside with a partner.

Making the Most Out of Your Outdoor Workouts

Given all these reasons to head outdoors, it’s important to note that there are some considerations to be made that you wouldn’t normally worry about at the gym.

For one, there are no drinking fountains or vending machines in most outdoor venues, so it’s important to bring your own water bottle that you can easily carry around with you. Opt for a soft flask that can carry the water you need without being too heavy or bulky.

Another consideration is the weather. It’s best to come prepared for any weather conditions, and bringing gear that’s suitable for the day. This can help you avoid risking any heat-related illnesses in the summer or freezing outdoors on colder days. Water can definitely help with the former, as is checking forecasts like the National Weather Service, which provides a handy guide on which temperatures can be dangerous for outdoor activity.
Meanwhile, cold weather will require you to dress in more layers and cover extremities like your head, hands, feet and ears in more frigid conditions. When it comes to outerwear, the lighter, the better. In this regard, Woman Within’s packable puffer jacket is lightweight and helps to insulate the body. It can be worn on its own on mildly cold days or layered underneath thicker clothing on extremely cold days out. On more unpredictable days, it can be folded up and stored in a bag, so you can put it on in case of a sudden chill.

Inspired to take your workout outdoors? Go and start plotting your preferred routes and spots for your exercise routines today.

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How Stationary Rowing Dramatically Improves Your Life

As far as home workouts go, not many can beat a good stationary rowing session. In-home rowing machines offer one of the most comprehensive ways to work your muscles, burn fat, and keep your heart strong, making it one of the best health investments you can make for your life.

Getting an in-home rowing machine has many benefits. One of these is working out in the comfort of your own home, especially if you prefer having your own exercise space where you can’t be bothered; others include pushing the muscles of both your upper and lower body, making it an awesome workout for shoulders and thighs. Most importantly, the full-body exertion means you are getting the complete profits of aerobic exercise, which is key to staying healthy and fit as the years go by.

To give you that final push you need to start rowing, here are some of the main benefits of a stationary rowing machine:

Stationary Rowing

It’s great for your heart

Yes, stationary rowing is an incredibly effective way to burn fat and build muscle, but let’s take a minute to consider its cardiovascular benefits.

Seeing as it is a full work out that requires both strength and endurance from almost every muscle in your body, your heart and lungs get to really work to keep up with the effort you’re going through. This helps to build up their strength and resistance, making you less tired and prone to heart disease.

Just 30 minutes a day of rowing can help you dramatically improve your heart health, strengthen your lungs, and lower your cholesterol levels to keep your arteries free and your spirits up.

It helps you lose weight

Since rowing requires the work of so many muscles, it’s no wonder that it is a great way to burn calories and shed pounds. A regular stationary rowing regime will have you feeling the difference as soon as three weeks in, and keeping these workouts short and simple will help you stick to a routine without burning out.

A big requirement to keep your rowing on track is nutrition. Healthy meals are super important to maintain a high-performance level in a rowing machine, to stay full of energy, and to help you recover faster from each sprint. A good diet is the pillar of every weight loss program, so add this to your rowing for maximum results.

Keeps stress levels low

A well-known benefit of working out is how it improves your mood, but rowing really takes it to another level. This is because the more you exert your body, the more endorphins you’ll release, making you feel calm and satisfied even after a short session.

Be careful, though. Working too hard on the machine will burn you out easily, and pushing too far can lead to injury and fatigue, which are definitely mood killers.

Hard work on the rowing machine will leave you feeling accomplished and strong, improving your mood and energizing not just your body, but your mind.

It’s an economic workout

Investing in an in-home rowing machine can save you up a lot of money, time and energy. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you can just schedule 30 minutes of your day to work out in your own home, without having to pay for a gym membership or having to share your stress-relief methods with other people.

A rowing machine doesn’t take much space, it’s easy to assemble and will last you a very long time, giving you the chance to create the habit of working out and taking care of your health. Rowing builds up your body, your budget, and your healthy habits, so it’s a win-win on all fronts.

It’s fun

Okay, now that we’ve covered all the physical and mental benefits of stationary rowing, we can say that it’s just plain fun.

If you’ve never used the machine before, you can see it as an exciting new thing to try out, and if you’re a pro, then you already love the rush you get after a good sweat.

Rowing can be your whole workout, or you can add it as a warm-up or as the perfect finish to a brutal session. You can break up your rowing into rounds or sprints, dividing it into fast and hard rows and then a short rest period to get a good HIIT.

You can also make it low impact to go gentle on your joints or if you are recovering from an injury.

You really can’t go wrong with stationary rowing, so go ahead and feel like an athlete the next time you get on the machine.

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10 Foods Should be Avoided by High Blood Pressure Patients

Blood pressure refers to the force with which blood is pushed through arteries and veins as the heart pumps it around the body. Unfortunately, there are circumstances and health conditions that can cause blood pressure to increase or decrease to unhealthy ranges.

High Blood Pressure is common in the United States as a result of poor diet and refers to blood that is being forced against the artery walls too strongly. When this happens, you increase your risk of artery damage as well as numerous, more serious health complications.

The Silent Killer – High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure affects more than 3 million Americans each year. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and too much salt intake are all possible causes of high blood pressure.

A reading of 130/80 is identified as hypertension. You can easily treat high blood pressure, but it causes serious heart conditions, like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke if left untreated.

Typically, any age can be affected by high blood pressure, but it is more common among older adult.

Sadly, there are not any symptoms of high blood pressure most of the time, which is why it is dubbed the “silent killer.” There is also no cure for the condition, but with proper treatment and management you can live a long and healthy life as well as keep your blood pressure at lower numbers.

High blood pressure develops over time, and many people are not aware they even have it. It is recommended to get yours checked routinely as part of a regular health regimen.

Additionally, if you know the risk factors, you stand a better chance of preventing it or keeping it under control.

There are certain physical and lifestyle factors that increase your risk of high blood pressure. If any of these apply to you, then work with your doctor to keep a close eye on your blood pressure.

Risk factors can include:

  • Family history
  • Age and gender (hypertension is more common in older adults and men under the age of 64, but women over the age of 65)
  • Race (African Americans tend to develop high blood pressure more often than other racial backgrounds)
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Smoking or using tobacco
  • High and continued stress levels
  • Sleep apnea
  • Unhealthy diet

With regards to the last item, you can make certain changes to your diet to help keep your blood pressure within normal ranges.

In particular, there are foods you want to avoid like salt and sugar.

5 Salty Foods to Avoid

In general, the daily recommended intake of sodium (salt) is 2300 milligrams. You want to check nutrition labels on the foods you buy and make sure the Percentage of Daily Value(in short %DV) amount for sodium is between 5% and 15%.

Anything with a DV% over 20% is considered way too high and should be avoided by those with high blood pressure. Keep the salt shaker in the cupboard an avoid these top salty foods below to help keep your blood pressure in a healthy range:

  1. Premade soups: In spite of being loaded with vegetables, soups are also loaded with sodium.  Since you cannot really water soup down (as it will ruin the taste) try buying soups that are “low sodium” or “reduced salt” and always double check the nutrition labels.
  2. Canned Beans: Sodium is used in canned beans for preservation reasons. Luckily, you can rinse the beans before using them, helping to remove a lot of the salt.
  3. Canned or Bottled Tomato Products: Tomato sauces, paste, and ketchup are always filled with salt. Instead try to produce your own version with fresh, cleanse, canned tomatoes to help reduce salt consumption.
  4. Processed Meats: All pre-packaged and processed meats contain sodium, including breakfast sausages and fast-food. Even deli meats, like turkey and ham, use a lot of salt when packaged, despite also offering a lot of protein.
    It is healthier to avoid the packaged meats and get your cuts directly from the slaughterman instead.
  5. Frozen Meals: Dinners and snacks found in the frozen aisle of the store, like pizza, chicken tenders, and TV dinners, may be delicious, but they are loaded with salt. In addition to high sodium content, these items also contain other unhealthy and unwanted ingredients. You should really avoid the so-called “healthy” ones too because they still contain high sodium amounts. In fact, the low-fat varieties are generally loaded with sugar.

5 Sugary Foods to Avoid

Sugar is something that is found in almost all of the variety of foods, either it can be added artificially or naturally. You want to reduce the amount of sugar your intake because it is essentially nothing but calories, which cause weight gain.

Too much weight or obesity increases your risk for high blood pressure, so start cutting out sugary snacks and foods right away. The recommended daily added sugar intake for men should be close to 38 grams and for women, it is 25 grams.

The most common sugary foods you can cut out include:

  1. Candy: Candy and sweets are basically empty calories and spiked sugar levels.  Leave the sugary snacks at the store and pick up fresh fruit instead. That way you get lower sugar and some potassium and fiber, which is essential in preventing high blood pressure.
  2. Pastries: Doughnuts, cookies, and cakes are good to eat but loaded with sugar and fat.  The occasional treat for a birthday is fine, but you should reduce your consumption of these sweet treats so they do not contribute to any unwanted weight gain. With serving sizes kept in check, you can still enjoy these items every now and then.
  3. Soft Drinks: Soda contains more sugar than most candy bars. One can alone have 9 teaspoons(39g) of sugar or more than that, which is pretty much your recommended daily amount. Pick up water instead to help regulate blood sugar levels and keep your weight in a healthy range.
  4. Alcohol: Another dangerous drink is alcohol because of the hidden sugar content in cocktails and many liquors. Too much will elevate sugar levels, cause weight gain, and dehydration, all of which contribute to high blood pressure.
  5. Sauces: Sauces and condiments are a double threat because of their sugar and sodium content, with ketchup being the worst. Season foods with herbs and spices instead, and if you do use sauces or dips, keep to small portions.

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A Quick Guide to Common Protein Powder Ingredients

Many people add protein powder to their pre-workout smoothie, without taking a close look at the ingredients label. It’s important to understand the purpose of common protein powder ingredients, however, as it will help you optimize your workout and diet regimen. Ahead, find out what ingredients you want in your protein powder, and which ones you want to avoid.

Coco Powder

What you should be looking for

When you check the nutritional label on the back of your preferred protein powder, you’ll see a long list of multisyllabic, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. While these ingredients may be hard to parse at first, you’ll soon learn how to determine which ingredients are beneficial, and which ingredients are simply filler.

The first thing you should consider is the type of protein. Many experts consider whey protein to be the best option. This type of protein has a high concentration of amino acids, which promotes healthy muscle protein synthesis. Some people have a hard time digesting whey protein, however. In these cases, casein is a good substitute. This protein, derived from milk, also has an excellent amino acid profile. Casein protein releases slowly, while whey is fast acting. This means that it’s excellent for muscle recovery, but doesn’t deliver the immediate results of whey protein. Many bodybuilders mix opt for protein powders that combine whey and casein, as it boosts immediate and long-term results.

In any protein powder, the mixture of proteins is going to be the main attraction. Most powders contain other ingredients as well, which further enhance the muscle building process. Creatine is essential, as this peptide boosts energy levels within the muscle tissues. This helps users to train harder for longer. It’s also useful for recovery and muscle cell hydration. Many protein powders also contain fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and mitigate post-workout muscle soreness.

Bodybuilders should try to find a protein powder with carrageenan. This seaweed extract has numerous health benefits, from improved digestion to reduced cholesterol levels. The main reason it’s found in protein powders, however, is its potent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect the cells in the body from free radicals—including muscle cells.

What You Don’t Want

When shopping for the perfect protein powder, there are also ingredients that you should try to avoid. This includes artificial sugars. Many protein powders are stuffed with sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame, but these sugar substitutes can wreak havoc on your metabolism. You should try to avoid standard sugar as well. It triggers the body’s desire to store fat, which isn’t a desirable side effect of protein powder. Stevia is the best protein powder sweetener, as it doesn’t have the metabolic effect of artificial sugar substitutes and doesn’t have the fat storing effect of sugar.

Male bodybuilders may also want to avoid soy protein. This form of the protein has plant estrogens, which can have a disruptive effect on male muscle gain. It can also increase inflammation levels, which can have a negative impact on the recovery process.

Using Protein Powder

Bodybuilders should also strive to choose a protein powder that’s easy to use. When it comes to protein powder, usability is defined by two characteristics: blend-ability and digestibility. Protein powders shouldn’t require a blender for even mixing. You should be able to throw a scoop into a water bottle, shake, and drink. If you can’t do this, it’s a sign that the protein powder is poorly made.

Finding a protein powder that’s easy to digest may require some trial and error. A powder that causes no bloating for one user may cause cramps in someone else. Before purchasing a powder, take a look at the types of protein included in the product. People with lactose issues, for example, should avoid powders that contain proteins derived from milk.

Does A High Fat Diet Cause Gallstones?

Fast-food Cause Belly Fat

Have you been experiencing intense abdominal pain lately, particularly in the upper right section of your stomach? Does it usually happen after a heavy or fatty meal? If so, there’s a chance that you have gallstones.
A lot of people know little about gallstones. Actually, we’re not surprised if you’ve started asking questions only after a suspicious episode of abdominal pain. These are just some of the usual questions that we get.

  • Can gallstones be cured?
  • Does it mean you need surgery?

We’ll walk you through the basics, including answers to how are gallstones formed, what causes the flare-up, and what you can do about it.

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are hard crystals formed from bile components. They can vary in size and number. There can be multiple tiny gallstones or a few large ones inside the gallbladder.

The gallbladder, on the other hand, is a small sac sitting directly under the liver. Its main function is to store, concentrate, and release bile for breaking down fats.

How are gallstones formed?

Gallstones are formed when the following conditions are present:

  • The amount of cholesterol or bilirubin far exceeds the number of bile salts. When the level of cholesterol is too high for the bile salts to dissolve, the un-dissolved particles crystallize. They will form cholesterol gallstones. Similarly, when there’s too much bilirubin, the residue will clump together and form pigment gallstones.
  • The gallbladder does not empty completely or regularly. When you go through extreme diets, you disrupt your gallbladder’s normal function. You take away the stimulus that causes the release of bile. Your stored bile will stagnate and become thicker the longer you extend the time for the next meal. The thick bile will form deposits which will later harden and become gallstones.

Why are gallstones painful?

Not all gallstones cause pain. A gallbladder attack is caused by gallstones, but not all gallstones cause an attack.

Some gallstones are silent or asymptomatic. This means that they don’t cause any symptoms. Gallstones only become painful when they’re dislodged from the gallbladder and they obstruct bile flow. They can get stuck on the gallbladder’s narrow opening or along the ducts. This causes pressure to build up and, eventually, infection.

You will feel this as abdominal pain, which may also radiate to the small of your back. The pain can range from mild to severe and describe as intermittent or constant. It may even cause nausea, vomiting, or gas.

Gallstones that cause pain are called symptomatic gallstones. The attack often occurs after a fatty meal, especially one that follows along the no-food period.

Does a high-fat diet cause gallstones or are low-fat diets the culprit?

Low-fat diet or high-fat diet – which one causes gallstones? Which one will be better for you?

Low-fat diet

Extremely low-fat diets, intermittent fasting, and high-fat meals seem to make existing gallstones act up. What gives? Is there a contradiction somewhere?

Your liver, gallbladder, digestive system, and brain are fine-tuned to work in perfect harmony. This is what happens in an ideal situation:

  1. Your liver continuously produces bile and releases this into the gallbladder.
  2. Your gallbladder thickens the bile and awaits its signal from the brain to release it.
  3. When you eat food and ingest fats, your brain stimulates a special hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK).
  4. CCK then triggers a series of events for the release of bile.
  5. The bile helps in digesting food, breaking down fat, absorbing nutrients, and getting rid of waste products.

Situations are rarely ideal, we know that. If you happen to be female or over 40 on top of being obese, then you have a lot of things going against you. Take note of these:

  • If you fast or go on an extremely low-fat diet, you will disrupt the normal bile cycle, particularly item (3) above. The condition of the prolonged no-food period or very little fat intake will not prompt the hormone CCK to work. Your gallbladder will be inactive and the bile will be stagnant.
  • If you eat a heavy, fatty meal after this punishing period, we tell you this – brace yourself for an attack. It’s like opening the floodgates of bile. Your silent stones, which had been sitting still, would be displaced (Think flood!). Good if the stones are small enough to pass through the ducts – they will be flushed and expelled. But if they’re a bit too big for the ducts, you’ve got a problem.

High-fat diet

High-fat low-carb diets may actually benefit people with gallstones. Not all fats are bad. They stimulate the gallbladder to release bile efficiently and prevent stones from forming. Here are important points to remember:

  • Choose your fat sources carefully, and
  • Avoid going overweight.

Workaround mono- and poly-unsaturated fats from olive oil, avocado, flaxseed, and fish. Avoid saturated fats found in butter, red meat, chicken skin, whole milk, and other animal products.

Apart from the diet you choose, what’s more, important is that you don’t skip meals or go on fasting. Exercise regularly and avoid losing weight drastically.

What can you do about gallstones or your risk of developing them?

If you don’t have gallstones yet but are obese, cut your risk by losing weight. You know now that low-fat diets, fasting, and other crash diets are not the way to go. They will only encourage gallstone formation.
These extreme diets may disturb silent or uncomplicated gallstones and cause attacks. Worse, they pose a persistent risk that you will form some more gallstones in the future.

On the other hand, a high-fat diet from healthy fat sources will actually be more beneficial. It will encourage regular bile flow and discourage gallstone formation. This is true for people at risk of forming gallstones but who don’t have them yet.

However, if you already have gallstones, don’t be tempted to go on a high-fat diet. High fatty meals could cause your stones to be displaced and open the possibility of a gallstone attack. Instead, curb your fat intake and spread it over frequent small meals.


As you can see, there’s no single correct answer to the question, “Does high-fat diet cause gallstones?” Many things come into play. The important thing is that you understand how the food you eat affects the bile or gallstones in your gallbladder and are in the position to be proactive about it.

Some Common Food Sabotaging your Weight Loss

There are people who follow a strict diet plan, do consistent workouts and follow all other measures for reducing their weight, in spite of that they don’t get the desired result as their whole effort deserves for. This happens due to the factor called, food reactions sabotaging your weight to which we hardly give importance or remain aware of.

When it comes to controlling our weight our foremost target is to follow a healthy and restricted diet plan. In this context, we include everything that seems us healthy and not a fat booster. However, the problem is that food products which claim for their healthy nature are actually healthy or not we really don’t know.

Also, the healthy diet plan that we follow sometimes doesn’t work the as much healthy way as we generally made and listen to a perception about them. That means foods that seems to be an important part of our fat loss plan is actually working for the fulfillment of our desired goal or not there is no guarantee.

This happens because some of the foods which are actually healthy may not work in a healthy manner and causes a reaction to some of the people. Hence the same person who is consuming that food product will not benefit out of it and if a plan for weight loss on the basis of those foods will lose almost very lesser calorie and a pound of their total weight.

Many times it happens that even healthy food causes some kind of allergy and food reaction when we consume them due to some of our internal health issues like the digestive tract issue or problem in the liver etc. In these cases as well you will find that these food reactions are sabotaging your weight loss plan.

Why most of us are remain unaware of these particular food reactions throughout our life and get victim of it, because not all food allergy develops old typical form of reactions as we heard about such as irritation, bloating, acne, asthma, bad breathe, mood swing, fatigue, diarrhea, puffy face, joint pain etc.

In the lack of all these visible symptoms, we keep on getting the victim of its underlying side effects. Out of those side effects inability to lose stubborn fat is one of them which are the primary hurdle in the path of weight loss.

So after analyzing all these issues and to give real value to your hardcore effort towards weight loss today, we have enlisted some prominent fault areas and factors that are prohibiting you to attain your desired goal in the form of achieving your target body weight.

How Food Reactions Sabotaging your Weight Loss

Too Much Consumption of Healthy Snacks

One of the primary loopholes in the weight loss regimen that people often do by mistake is overconsumption of healthy snacks without following any fixed serving size. Remember even the healthy snacks carry a good rate of calorie value.

So if you eat them in a moderate limit then there is no issue. However, the problem arises when you forget your limit and keep on eating it with the assumption it will do nothing with respect to your body weight and your weight remains unaffected.

This is your primary fault that works as sabotage in your way of losing weight. So instead of jumping on healthy snacks limitless, count the calorie intake that you get out of the consumption of those snacks such as almonds, avocados etc.

Apart from this people have another misconception regarding packaged foods labeled as healthy. They tend to eat them limitlessly with the assumption that it is healthy and will not affect their calorie limit of the day which is wrong. Even these healthy labeled snacks increase your calorie intake and affect your whole day calorie limit in an active form.

People who overeat these healthy snacks and packaged food and expect of losing their weight at the end of month end up with failure result as because without their knowing they are putting more calorie to their body due to their wrong beliefs.

So in order to count your calorie intake and keep checking your consumption size make sure that you pick anything in servings so that you will know your limit and each day follow the same serving size while eating those snacks. Also, don’t overeat any packaged food simply relying on its label mentioning as healthy.

Wrong Perception Regarding Sugar-Free Foods

People who are health conscious or planning for losing their weight opt. for foods products which claim for it as sugar-free. Here they make one mistake which hinders in their path of weight loss because all food items claiming as sugar-free are not actually free of sugar in the real sense.

There is a huge list of beverages and other food items claiming as sugar-free content are actually rich with artificial sugar which is another factor which tends to increase body weight without your awareness.

One research conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that people who were on diet and eating sugar-free foods and beverages actually put on more weight instead of losing. The reason behind it is quite clear as the hidden artificial sweeteners lie behind them.

So to avoid such trouble make sure that you don’t believe blindly on foods labeled as sugar-free. For a fast and successful result of your tough effort for weight loss, it’s better that you avoid all sweetened beverages completely and make your own drink at home about which you will be very sure of its ingredient quality and quantity.

Overeating Protein

Protein is a healthy nutrient which works amazingly for weight loss and helps in gaining lean and calorie burning muscles. However, overeating of even healthy nutrient like protein is also not at all healthy for you.

This is because an over-consumed protein size when overflowed of your regular body limit will be stored separately as fat in the body causing you to gain weight in the form of fat which is not good and sabotage your weight loss plan.

According to a report published by one popular nutrition journal, people who overeat protein-rich diets have approx. 90% chances of gaining more weight instead of losing it.

Whereas people who eat protein in a limited amount proves fruitful for losing their weight as this moderate limit stuck in their stomach for longer duration and reduces their cravings for another serving of food without affecting their health in any form or way.

So in order to make your weight loss journey successful make sure that you follow a restricted serving of protein size in your daily food limit as over-consumption is no way going to help you in your way apart from adding some more fat in your body.

Skipping Meals

One common mistake that people often do in their path of losing weight is by skipping their meals. This they do with a perception that skipping one or two meals will help them in losing weight by reducing their daily calorie limit of the body.

However, they don’t know that instead of losing weight this skipping activity will tend to add some more weight to them in their overall weight. This happens because cutting out meals affect your metabolic rate by reducing its speed of functionality.

Hence due to slow metabolism function, the calorie and fat burning capacity of the body gets slowdown resulting in instead of losing some weight your body puts on more weight with time.

So as a healthy option make sure that instead of cutting your meal plan you give your stomach small-small food treat throughout the day. This will keep your stomach filled and won’t boost your craving for having too many foods in a single meal which is prone to gaining weight.

A healthy person needs at least 1200 calories in a day. So to ensure that in one day your total calorie count is reached to this limit otherwise, it will affect your metabolic rate by reducing its speed which is prone to gain more weight to you.

Avoiding All Fats Foods

If you are also the one who believes in a misconception that all fats are bad and harmful for your body then you are on the wrong page. Friends all fat foods are not bad some of them are healthy too which you should definitely give to your body for its overall health improvement.

In this context, you should definitely avoid trans. fats as it is unhealthy for you and cause damages to your body and health. However, this doesn’t mean that you will avoid all fats foods simply because you are on a diet plan for weight loss.

There are many foods which contain healthy fats such as salmon fish, nuts, avocados etc. which can work amazingly for achieving your targeted body weight.

These healthy fats help in absorbing the healthy and nutrient portions of different foods and also keep your stomach full for longer duration which is another benefit that helps in avoiding frequent cravings for food.

So in order to make your weight loss journey successful, you should definitely include some healthy amount of fats foods in your regular meals.

Drinking Too Much Packaged or Bottled Water

We all know about the multiple ranges of benefits for drinking water for our health, like keeping the body hydrated and helping in weight loss issue is one of them. Still, we don’t know about a fact which unknowingly causes to put on more weight to us and that is the usage of packaged or bottled water.

Yes, my dear friend the bottled water that you use for quenching your thirst is actually not doing good for your gut health. The plastic bottles contain one harsh toxin known as Bisphenol or BPS which has a close connection with obesity and fertility health problems.

One research on obese people has proved that their urine has a high concentration of BPA which is also the reason for larger waistline in people. So for stimulating your weight loss journey to a desirable end make sure that you avoid this plastic bottle water fully.

Don’t Avoid Desserts Completely

Don’t avoid desserts completely from your diet list as this obsessive behavior towards your target can lead your journey half fulfilled by breaking your enthusiasm in the mid-path. So give a very light feast of dessert to yourself during breakfast or during dinner.

A satisfied taste bud is a key to your full form enthusiasm for the longer duration until you achieve your goal successfully. Little eating of dessert is not harmful but don’t give yourself full freedom.

Always remember about your goal this will give a boost and keep you on your path of restricted and healthy diet plan.

Too Much Workout

Be realistic while doing exercise practices for the weight loss as because being consistent towards your fitness plan is ok but overindulgence in it is no way good for you and will not bring any positive result to you.

An obsessive workout instead of losing weight will affect your weight loss journey in a very negative form by hampering your health and may distract you from all your efforts that you are putting towards this journey.

Your body is not a machine so it is quite obvious that the overpressure and hard labor without rest will hamper your performance for the next day and so on will continue till you won’t start practicing in an alternate day.

This is very important that you give proper rest to your body after a tough workout session in a day. Give rest to your body and muscles for one to two days. This will rejuvenate your power and heal all pain and injuries that you develop in your active day in the gym.

Sticking to this healthy workout plan will make your target achievable without hampering your overall health.

Avoid Social Eating

One common reason which comes into the picture in a survey of unsuccessful weight loss journey is social pressure which put soft force on people who have recently started a healthy diet plan.

Our own family members, friends, and colleague groups etc. mostly intentionally or unintentionally put pressure on us for eating those unhealthy foods which are rich in fat and calorie and can cause us to gain more weight.

It is really very difficult to say no to our dear ones and this becomes a common issue that affects all our hard effort towards weight loss by making it fully or partially unsuccessful.

So if you are worried why in spite of your tough effort you are unable to lose weight then don’t forget about this social pressure factor that you get occasionally.

In order to make your journey successful make sure that you smartly handle these typical situations and remain stick to your healthy diet plan throughout your journey.

After going through this article we are a hundred percent sure that you must understand now why food reactions sabotaging your weight. So eliminate these reasons as soon as it is possible and get your goal within the shortest possible time with least effort.

4 Exercise Ways to Fight Allergies

Allergies are abnormal reactions by the immunity system to foreign substances in the body. They are a nuisance and manifest through various symptoms such as pain, itchiness, stuffiness, breathing difficulties, the fullness of ears, runny nose and many other symptoms. Fortunately, regular workouts can help to reduce allergy symptoms by enhancing blood flow in your body, which facilitates the eradication of allergens. Despite that you cannot entirely do away with your allergies, working out often can lessen your allergic symptoms since the enhanced circulation of blood due to physical activities prevent inflammation to the delicate tissues within your nasal cavity, mouth, lungs and other sensitive organs. The beauty of using exercises to fight allergies is that the activities do not have to be intense, but you need to ensure your blood is circulating. Too much intense activity may even aggravate the symptoms so do not push yourself so hard.

Here are some ways through which exercises can help fight allergies and enable you to feel well in a short time include:

1. Exercises Increase The Heart Rate

Working out for some time helps to raise your heart rate resulting in a better feeling and being energized. The extra energy resulting from the boosted heart rate is what a person experiencing allergic symptoms requires to feel relieved. To get the heart pumping and blood circulating efficiently, you need to do cardiovascular exercises. Some of the activities that are good include running, jogging, rope jumping, boat rowing, walking on the treadmill, volleyball, and others. Besides having an anti-allergy effect, these activities will help you to torch calories hence lose weight.

Exercises are also vital in enhancing sexual functionality in men due to improved blood circulation and increased energy. Also, you can improve the same by using reliable drugs from Steroideurope, one of the best and most trusted online sellers of steroids.

2. Working Out Discharges Endorphins

Performing exercises releases endorphins the brain chemicals that eradicate pain and discomfort which help to deal with allergies. Doing exercises for a duration of say 20 minutes will trigger the release of the chemicals into the system making you experience better feelings as well divert your mind from the stuffy nose.

3. Exercising Opens Up The Lungs and Nose

You stand to gain from working out by having the very areas that allergies affect opened up. Among the familiar allergic symptoms is causing nose blockage and experiencing difficulty in breathing. A good workout session can cause the nose and the lungs to open up and alleviate some of the discomforts that the affected persons suffer. Also, workouts may complement any medication you are using thus yielding better results.

4. Exercising Enhances The Immune System

Exercising comes in handy in dealing with allergies by improving the immune system. Improved blood circulation due to exercising enables white blood cells to circulate faster thus enhance immunity. The body’s ability to fight diseases and other conditions is significantly increased.


Consistent exercising can help to keep allergic symptoms to the lowest possible level by increasing the heart rate, releasing endorphins, opening up the nose and lungs and by boosting immunity. You can work out for 20 minutes a day about thrice per week, and you will have got an excellent allergy management strategy.

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9 Proven Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Both men and women have testosterone, though men have it in larger amounts. It’s important for both men and women to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Having healthy levels of testosterone comes with many health benefits, including more energy, an improved mood, a healthier heart, stronger bones, and better cognitive abilities.

Unfortunately, due to common habits in the modern world, many men and women are experiencing a decrease in testosterone levels,

Fortunately, you don’t have to take supplements or boosters to increase your T-levels. Following are ways you can boost your testosterone levels naturally.

testosterone levels

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

1. Get More Sleep

It’s time to improve your sleeping habits. Thanks to electricity, many people end up burning the midnight oil, staying up late to work, read, watch TV or go out clubbing.

However, not getting enough sleep is a common cause of reduced testosterone levels.

A study by the University of California found that limited sleep for just one week can reduce your testosterone levels by up to 15 percent.

Try getting to sleep earlier. It’s also important to get better sleep with fewer interruptions, as interrupted sleep has similar effects as reduced sleep.

Reduce your alcohol intake before bed. Try drinking fewer fluids if you find yourself getting up to urinate frequently during the night (if it’s a serious problem, see a doctor).

Avoid watching TV or looking at screens for an hour or two before going to bed. Eat dinner a few hours before and avoid spicy foods or foods that will upset your stomach.

If you have sleep apnea, get seen by a professional who can help you with that.

2. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking small amounts of alcohol isn’t much of a problem. Actually, studies found that infrequent low doses of alcohol can actually lead to a small increase in t-levels.

However, if you drink regularly, your testosterone levels are likely to go down over time. Chronic drinking interferes with your body’s production of testosterone in many different ways.

3. Regular Exercise

It’s crucial to maintain an active lifestyle. Studies show that exercising regularly and being active will help boost your testosterone levels.

To help motivate yourself, do the exercises that you like best. If you like running or jogging, do that every morning while listening to music, the radio, or a podcast.
Running and walking will also regulate your body weight.

If you enjoy going to the gym and/or lifting weights, do that. While the most important thing is simply to get moving, lifting heavier weights is the best option for increasing testosterone levels.

Try using more muscle groups and lifting heavier weights with fewer reps, rather than lighter weights with higher reps.

4. Get Enough Vitamins

It’s important to have a healthy diet that provides you with a wide range of vitamins. Here are some examples of nutrients that can help repair or increase your testosterone levels:

● Vitamin D
● Zinc
● Magnesium

If you are not eating enough vegetables and fruits, consider taking a daily multivitamin.

5. Eat a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy body. This starts by cutting out foods that are unhealthy.

In general, it’s good to avoid processed foods. Try to stick to natural foods or meals that incorporate more raw ingredients.

Candy, sugary drinks, and snacks such as potato chips should be avoided. Avoid fast food meals as well.

Instead, focus on getting a good intake of lean protein, carbs, and healthy fats. If you are not getting enough protein, consider taking whey protein. They will fulfill deficiency.

6. Eat These Natural Foods

One way to boost your testosterone levels naturally is by eating natural foods that have a positive effect on your t-levels.

Remember we mentioned that Vitamin D can help boost your testosterone? Try eating fish, salmon, sardines, eggs, and milk to get more Vitamin D.

Of course, getting enough sunlight every day is crucial if you want to get a healthy amount of vitamin D. Fifteen minutes is a good goal to aim for.

For zinc, trying eating foods such as oysters, shellfish, and beans.

For healthy carb sources, try fruits, potatoes, and white rice.

Research shows that there are a variety of other herbs that can help increase your t-levels. Ginger can lead to a 17 percent increase in testosterone.

Ashwagandha, an ancient Indian herb, can lead to an increase of up to 22 percent. Fenugreek is another recommended herb.

7. Avoid Eating These Foods

Not all foods – even natural foods – are good for your testosterone levels. There are a few foods that may decrease your testosterone levels.

If you’re struggling with improving your testosterone levels, consider cutting down on the following foods.

Soy is one food that may be harmful to maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Studies show that eating high amounts of soy on a regular basis can lead to a decrease in testosterone, according to Men’s Journal.

If you use soy as your main source of protein, consider switching to lean meat or fowl, legumes, and nuts.

Licorice, even natural licorice, can harm your t-levels. The same goes for mint, especially peppermint and spearmint.

Some types of nuts and seeds may also have a negative effect on your testosterone levels.

8. Reduce Stress

Stress and negative thinking can impact your health big time. They can lower your testosterone levels. This can turn into a downward cycle, as lower testosterone levels can lead to more stress by decreasing your motivation to exercise or interfering with your sleep habits.

Try staying calm and find ways to soothe yourself. If you have high levels of stress and anxiety, consider seeing a therapist.

9. Lose Weight

Obesity is terrible for healthy testosterone levels. In America alone, more than 35% of adults are obese. If you are overweight or have too much belly fat, start getting started with a weight loss program.

By sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding processed foods, you will already be taking a big step in your weight loss journey. It’s important to learn self-control if you find yourself eating too many weight-increasing foods, such as cake.

Finally, start exercising regularly and being more active.

Wrapping It Up

If you are struggling with low energy levels and decreased motivation, your testosterone levels may be low.

By following the above tips, you can increase your t-levels naturally and regain your lost energy.

Best Cardio Alternatives Instead of Boring Treadmill

The workout is a common craze in youngsters as they want an attractive body muscle and curvy shape at the fastest possible time. Out of several workout machines, cardio is one of the most common and favorable ones however it will really be an amazing feeling if you can enjoy during exercise. In order to ensure this here, we have come up with the fun cardio alternatives to the boring treadmill.

Workout on treadmill ensures toned muscles and figure that you can perform for long hours but no one can deny to an undesirable fall on this workout machines resulting in an injury that may be fatal too. So to avoid such unforeseen accidents and circumstances you must try some energetic plus safe cardio alternatives that you can perform for several hours without getting bored.

fun cardio alternatives to the boring treadmill

If we say that workout is an immense and inseparable part of our daily life then this statement is not wrong. We cannot deny the benefits of workout for our health and overall improvement in regular lifestyle. However, regularity in anything causes boredom after a particular point.

This theory is equally applicable to your regular workout plans and activities too. So lets us discuss some better alternative forms of workouts that are basically alternatives of regular cardio including a boring treadmill.

Stair Workout

Stepping up and down on the stairs of an old-fashioned building will be a great replacement of the daily monotonous treadmill cardio exercise. You simply have to step up and down in the building through its stairs and it is enough to raise your heartbeat rate. This tones to your lower body muscles and improves your heart’s health.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling is another easy and fun full cardio alternative that tones to your complete body muscles. As you are practicing indoor cycling so there is no tension of fall and injury on a roadside even in the case you get to fall on the ground.

Simply paddling on the foot stand of your cycle in normal motion will kick your heart rate and you can practice for several hours without getting bored. So what a great fun full opportunity, when you are getting a chance to boost your muscle along with complete fun and safety.

Hot Yoga

Yoga has numerous forms and amazing steps which are quite capable to boost your body muscle along with lifting to your mental health. Hot yoga is one of those yoga forms that can well compete with the popular cardio workout i.e. treadmill. Apart from that, you bring dual benefits out of these yoga forms practice, one you are toning your muscles and another is you are releasing your mental stress.

Some popular forms of yoga needed tough physical poses which includes hot yoga, vinyasa, Ashtanga, power yoga etc. Though initially, you might face difficulty while practicing these intense forms of yoga but later on you will feel comfortable and can stick in it for a long time.

Yoga is one of the simplest and safest forms of workout to boost your body muscles along with healing your soul and spirit. It teaches to control your mind which is very important to balance your life with all respect.

Kick Boxing

A workout is all about releasing sweat from your body means excess the workouts, more sweating in turn high rate of metabolism which is important to manage your cardio health. Kickboxing ensures workout with fun which is easy in practice and you can stick on it for several hours without getting bored that means a perfect alternative to the boring treadmill.

Nonstop punch and kicks on the punching bags with small stepping, raise your mood and interest towards this cardio alternative workout when the count of punches get increased. It covers to almost your all muscle groups throughout your body and increases your heartbeat which is important for healthy heart and good pumping rate.

High Intensive Interval Training or HIIT

If your planning is to reduce your body weight at the fastest possible time then you must try HIIT workouts as these exercises are an amazing alternative to treadmill cardio workout that you can do with fun. It burns your calories level faster than the steady steps on the treadmill.

There are several HHIT workout forms, as per your choice and suitability you can select any one of them or can try alternative HIIT exercises for a change. Jump squat is one of the most effective HIIT workouts that tone your overall body muscle, however, the basic force is given to lower body part including gluten muscle, thigh, and leg.

HIIT will boost your heart rate and improve the blood circulation rate which is very beneficial for people with cardio health issues. Apart from this, there are so many other HIIT workout forms that you can choose as per your suitability.


If you want some fun full change in your regular treadmill cardio workout then you must try rowing which is not only effective for reducing your body weight but also tones your body’s muscles. Another benefit of practicing rowing workout over the treadmill is its safety concern because it is much safer than the later one.

In rowing, you don’t have to worry about your legs injury and fracture which is quite possible on workouts which indulges your foot practice over a harsh or tight surface. Apart from that, it boosts your heart rate and tones more than 80% of your body’s muscles at a time as your whole body needs to involve in this workout.


Trampolining is another best alternative of treadmill cardio workout that raises your heart rate faster and higher than the treadmill workouts. Apart from this, its fun full steps will not let you bored even though you have spent several hours on practicing it on regular basis.

It is quite easy to practice it and with small time training, you can be an expert of this alternative cardio workout. Start practicing with little warm up like jumping jack in the middle of the trampoline and raise your speed after some time.

Enjoy the music at your gym while practicing this full of energy and easily performing workout every day for a change in your monotonous workout forms. It tones your whole body’s muscle and increases your heart rate which is very essential to balance your heart health and for preventing cardio related health concerns.

Dance Cardio

Workouts practicing can really be a matter of fun when you try some alternative workout plan instead of indulging in same or regular workout postures and practice such as the treadmill. Dance cardio is a wise alternative plan to change your mood and stay stick with your workout plan.

You need to move your whole body on different steps and movements as per your instructor’s direction on some popular beat of songs and pop music that not let you feel bored even if you crosses more than an hour. It tones your whole body muscles and impacts your cardio health by raising and lowering your heart rate. It is a safe fun full cardio alternative that you must not miss.

Benefits of Cardio Workouts for Health

Cardiovascular workouts forms tend to increase your heart rate as well as increases your blood circulation level throughout the body, which is the key to a healthy body and lifestyle. However the benefit of cardio workouts is not limited to improving your heart health, instead, it is much more than that. So let’s discuss some most vital health benefits that you get after doing cardio exercises.

Increases Metabolism Rate

Our body metabolism rate plays an important role in managing the functionality of different body parts. When you do an intense cardio exercise your body’s metabolic rate automatically gets increased which not only speeds up the functionality of your heart system but at the same time raises the productivity level of all your body parts which indulges in that workout session.

HIIT is the most prominent example of a cardio workout that simply stimulates to your metabolism rate and boosts to your immunity power, blood circulation, growth system and most importantly helps in managing your body weight to the desired level. Those who want to lose their weight or want to gain body weight, cardio is the most suitable workout to achieve their target.

Improves Your Heart Health

Cardio is primarily focused on improving your heart’ functionality which is one of the most important parts of your body and needs to work properly for ensuring a healthy and diseases free life. Cardio workouts raise your heart rate and increase its pumping fluency which is important for purifying and well circulation of blood all over the body.

Only 20 to 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day is enough to ensure your good health and most importantly for preventing the heart-related health risk which comes under the category of severe forms of diseases and often life-threatening too.

Enhances your Recovery Power

Our body is not a machine after all it is made by living muscles and blood vessels so it hurts, injured and pains when you perform an intense weight lifting exercise. The soreness and stiffness occurring in the muscles after such workout take time to get recover completely and for another day workout it really needs courage and strength.

This reduction in the recovery power or ability of your body can be enhanced by performing some fun full cardio workouts after practicing an intense weight lifting workout. A small session on the treadmill or in trampoline is enough to lift your muscle strength as your reduced rate of blood circulation get a good flow and you feel the energy for another day’s gym workout as usual.

Balances the Hormonal Level

Hormones throw an immersive impact in your health as well as your lifestyle. So it’s very essential that your body hormonal level remains in a balance for a balanced lifestyle and for healthy living. Regular cardio workouts help in releasing the stress bursting hormones which reduce the problem of stress and depression, two severe mental health concerns.

Apart from this, it also prevents the issue of fatigue and tiredness by keeping you energetic all the time. You can see the is difference easily in people that those who perform regular cardio workout remains more happy and successful in their life than those who never do such workouts and live a sedentary lifestyle.

Prevents Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity or excess body weight is one of the most common health problems by which every second person you can find affected. It not only hampers your external look and appearance but also helps in the growth of other chronic health issues such as obesity, hypertension etc. However, with cardio workouts on daily basis, you can combat all these issues with this single remedy.

Regular cardiovascular exercise prevents the storage of glucose in your body by utilizing it in the different functions of your body. Moreover, an increased metabolic rate obtained by cardio exercises burns the extra fat and calorie in your body which helps to reduce your body weight and keep your sugar level in proper balance.

Boost to Your Brain Health

Out of several benefits of cardiovascular exercise brain boosting or uplift is one of them which is easily possible by maintaining regularity in this workout. Just like other body parts brain also don’t remain untouched from getting benefited out of cardio exercises.

It is said that due to regularity in your body movement one important brain area called hippocampus which works as storage for memories and knowledge gets increased that means an increase of your IQ level, sense, and reduction in forgetfulness. This brain-boosting feature is hardly possible with other fitness workouts and that is the reason cardio workouts are so beneficial and important for people of all ages.

Enhances Your Skin Health

Cardio workouts work as a natural therapy for your skin health by enhancing its condition and beauty with all respect. It prevents aging-related problems and reduces aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dryness etc. An indulgence in regular cardio exercise increases the blood flow in your skin and that speeds up your skin repairing process which is vital for a healthy, glowing and fresh skin.

Enhances the Sleeping Quality

Cardio exercise along with other physical activity impacts a lot to your sleeping quality. A regular cardio workout increases your recovery power and releases stress hormones from your body which is vital for a sound and long hours sleep.

This is the reason people who have sleeping deprivation issues like insomnia are often suggested to do cardio workouts in their daily life for improving their sleeping pattern. This is a natural and effective way to get sound and healthy hours sleep which is key for a healthy lifestyle.

After knowing amazing benefits of cardio workouts we are sure that you must not ignore this worthy and healthful workout for boosting your overall health. Also, for more fun and refreshment you should definitely try to the fun cardio alternatives to the boring treadmill.

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5 Simple steps to master a Healthy Body

A healthy mind leads to a healthy and a happy life. Simple steps to get to this place are simple; eat right, exercise and the most important of all: sleep. A good night’s sleep prepares the mind for the day ahead as well as keeping good health. If you’re choosing to change your lifestyle it’s not as difficult as you think. All you need is the simple steps to changing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the body strong and healthy.

Cutting out

We fail to take care of our diet people think the best way to lose weight or to be healthy is to crash diet to lose those unnecessary pounds. But this is where the myth is wrong, making simple changes in your diet is the first step. A fantastic bunch of tips is offered to getting the right steps starting your healthy journey. Snacking is the number one source of adding on extra pounds, starting with cutting down on snacking between meals is crucial.

Healthy snacks


The health industry is now worth millions, teaching you what snacks are good and what is bad. The advice out in magazines and the internet can be incredibly misleading. Should you be eating fruit or are breakfast bars bad. The simple terms are this, nuts and Greek yogurt are key ingredients to combine a healthy start to the day. Keeping pots of nuts or grapes around prevent from reaching for the chocolate bar.
The benefits of nuts are endless, the site offers up the best and simplistic tips on what foods to eat and why?

Drink Water


Water is not only the best thing to fill up on but also a fantastic way to clear skin, cleanse your kidneys and liver but to flush out toxins. There are plenty of health benefits drinking water the advice stated through the site offers up to 10 reasons why you should be drinking and how it benefits you. Start slowly with trying to drink 1 liter a day then working your way to 2 liters. If you find drinking water boring or hard to do, the best way to get your intake is to fill a water bottle with a filter. Placing fresh fruit inside the filter allows the fruit to extract the flavors slowly into the water throughout the day.

Have a good night’s rest


Without a good night’s rest, the day ahead is already in jeopardy. Waking tired and in pain leads you to crash around 11 am and reaching for sugary snacks. The right mattress is, of course, the obvious choice and start to have a healthy body. Most people are sleeping on the wrong mattress which increases the chance of waking up with chronic back pain. Choose a mattress that eliminates the issues surrounding backaches and pain, there are so many options to suit your body and sleeping positions. Hammocks can be best described as a type of comfortable sleeping or relaxing material, which can be hung between trees or poles.



This is something only you can do, you can read all the recipe books, purchase the workout DVDs and healthy food. But it is down to you to be your number one coach and motivator. Remember why you want to reshape and be healthy. The feeling of being able to maintain your new healthy lifestyle will make you feel incredibly proud and give you boundless energy and joy.
Don’t be afraid to feel overwhelmed with all the advice on the internet, don’t fall victim to crash diets and celebrity crazy tips. The simple tips are stated above, gentle exercise, balanced diet, and basic health care are all that you need.